QuickBooks Hosting For CPA Firms – Is It Worth It?

QuickBooks is one of the most versatile accounting solutions adopted by CPAs and accounting businesses worldwide. It manages financial tasks like invoicing, billing, management of inventories, and payrolls efficiently and easily.

Though QuickBooks offers so many advantages to its users, installing it on local IT infrastructure can pose a few challenges for a CPA firm. Some of the problems include the deprivation of storage space on the local infrastructure and the inability to access the files from a remote location. These problems, if not curbed at the earliest, can jeopardize the productivity of a CPA firm.

QuickBooks Hosting For CPA Firms - Is It Worth It?

Thus, in order to find a cure for these problems, many accountants and CPA firms worldwide have started opting for QuickBooks cloud hosting services. The cloud service providers offer accounting firms the required mobility, flexibility, and support, reducing the time and money spent on IT operations and delivering deadlines on time. This also increases the reputation of a CPA business in the presence of a company or a client.

Here are some factors to help you decide whether QuickBooks Hosting is of worth to CPA firms.

1. Remote Accessibility

One of the major reasons why hosting QuickBooks on cloud is important for CPA firms is the advantage of remote accessibility. With QB hosting, employees working in a CPA firm do not have to come to the office to access their accounting files. As the files are stored in remote cloud servers, they can be accessed easily from any location at any time.

This increases productivity as the employees can serve clients whenever and wherever they want.

2. Team Collaboration

Though remote accessibility is a major reason why accountants and CPAs are considering cloud, another related reason is the enhancement of team collaboration. Cloud brings both the locally working and the remote working employees on the same page by putting up the files on the cloud.

Multiple versions of the same file can create a lot of confusion not only among the employees but also between the employees and the clients. As the files on QuickBooks can be accessed simultaneously on the cloud, any employee of any department can provide his or her input.

Thus, it prevents multiple copies from being created and helps in delivering the work on time for the clients.

3. Customer Support

An on-premise infrastructure can pose numerous IT issues like RAM crashes and Operating System failure, putting accountants and other employees in a fix. Thus, to resolve such issues, accounting firms deploy a team of skilled IT professionals that requires a significant amount of time, money, and effort from their end.

With QuickBooks hosting, such issues will not be a problem, either for CPAs or accountants. The cloud service provider dedicates a support team of its own and takes care of such hosting- related issues. Any hardware malfunction on the server can be replaced or eradicated in no matter of time and without jeopardizing any accounting-related task.

4. Integration For Add-Ons

Accounting is like an ocean. Apart from accounting tasks, there are other relevant tasks, such as analyzing employee productivity, database management, and file conversion.

In order to complete or accomplish such tasks on a daily basis, accountants need third-party software tools. But, due to limited hardware resources, such third-party integrations are not feasible on on-premise infrastructure. It poses a lot of challenges and hindrances for accountants to complete such tasks.

By opting for QuickBooks cloud hosting, such issues will not come in the way because the cloud service providers give CPA firms enough options to scale their resources, such as users, RAM, and storage along with seamless integration of useful add-ons according to the firm requirement. Thus, such issues can calibrate different business functions, saving time, effort, and money.

5. Data Security

While using any version of QuickBooks, data security is always at the hands of the user. In case of any data breach or digital security issues, the business can encounter significant losses, both in terms of finances and reputation.

However, in QuickBooks hosting, the hosting provider takes all the necessary precautions to give enterprise-level data security. The cloud service providers have a team of IT and cybersecurity professionals that keep an eye on any unusual traffic behavior.

Moreover, the cloud environment is equipped with the latest security technologies like intrusion detection prevention, the latest antiviruses, which prevents a data breach on QuickBooks files and helps accountants do their work quite judiciously.

6. Disaster Recovery

Disasters are unpredictable always, whether it is human-inflicted or natural. If the QuickBooks files are hosted on a local IT infrastructure, any disaster can cause server downtime quite easily, leading to irreparable losses.

But, in QuickBooks Hosting, cloud service providers store the QuickBooks files in data centers away from disaster-prone areas. Moreover, these files get replicated on multiple data centers in different geographical locations. Thus, if an accident occurs in one data center location, the users can access the stored files in the backup data centers and continue working on their tasks.

7. Reduction In IT Expenditures

Maintaining a physical server can be costly for accounting or CPA firms. Apart from a team of highly skilled IT professionals, the installation, maintenance, and proper functioning of servers can also take up a lot of capital costs, putting a burden on the budget of the CPA firm.

But, with QuickBooks hosting, cloud service providers offer subscription-based pricing and provide all the required IT resources to meet the needs.

In Conclusion

Opting for QuickBooks hosting is one of the wisest decisions CPA firms could make today. Apart from the numerous benefits mentioned above, all these advantages can give firms a sense of security, self-authority, and reliability.

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