How Does QuickBooks Hosting Benefit A Business?

A successful business results from making the right decisions at the right time. Also, utilizing the right skills, talent, and efforts to build a strong foundation for a profitable enterprise is equally important. One crucial component for a prosperous business is choosing the right accounting software suitable for your business needs. 

While there are many in the market, QuickBooks is one of the most widely used worldwide. It finds its use cases in accounting, construction, retail, logistics, manufacturing, and more. According to Infoclutch, QuickBooks holds a market share of 62.23% worldwide.quickbooks-cloud-hosting-benefitsWhen we talk about better accounting and, more importantly, efficient accounting, QuickBooks hosting is your go-to solution. With QuickBooks hosting, your QuickBooks Desktop is hosted on a cloud server by a QuickBooks hosting provider for you to access your data via the Internet. 

Benefits of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting 

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting improves the functioning of any business. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of QuickBooks cloud hosting:

1. Remote access

With the COVID-19 pandemic creating havoc in the USA, many accounting businesses struggle to make decent profits. Also, many small firms have been shut down since the pandemic started as they could not access their accounting data remotely. 

However, with QuickBooks hosting, accountants and accounting firms get the freedom to access their QuickBooks data from any place, any time. You also get the convenience to use the device of your choice like a smartphone, laptop, iPad, etc. This way, you can also assist your clients in case of emergencies even if you’re not on the office premises.

2. Better collaboration

We all know that teamwork brings in good results. But accountants need to send the same file back and forth via email if they use QuickBooks Desktop. This also creates confusion as multiple versions of the same file are created, increasing the chances of errors. 

With QuickBooks cloud hosting, all the stakeholders from different geographies can access the accounting data simultaneously. The changes made are reflected in real-time (removing the hassle due to multiple file versions), helping teams collaborate efficiently.

3. Round the clock IT support

Any technological solution may require IT support during any time of the day. Downtime is caused due to multiple issues like hardware problems, natural calamities, or other factors. If you use QuickBooks Desktop, any issue resolution may take a few hours to a few days (something you cannot afford). As a result, your tasks might get delayed, and you will lose your reputation in the market. 

With QuickBooks Cloud Hosting, you get round-the-clock IT support from a reputed service provider. You can contact them via chat, email, or phone (even during national holidays). However, it would be best to inquire about their response time and the ability to resolve issues quickly. 

4. Data security

The average cost of a data breach in 2021 ($4.24 million) was the highest in the last 17 years. Thus, businesses cannot afford even the slightest lack of data security. Data breaches also have a terrible impact on your market reputation, making it difficult to attract new customers. 

However, with QuickBooks hosting, it is different. Reputed QuickBooks hosting providers offer a foolproof solution for data theft. They offer advanced security features like Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) system, role-based access, bank-grade data encryption, the latest antivirus and antimalware, etc., for better protection.

5. Superior performance

Accountants need to integrate multiple applications with their QB solution. If you integrate numerous add-ons with your QuickBooks Desktop, there will come a time when you experience performance lag. 

However, QuickBooks hosting providers deploy HPCs (high-performance computing servers). As a result, you can process large data sets in less time and increase organizational productivity. Even if you integrate multiple add-ons with your QB solution, you will not experience any performance lag.

6. Same UI

There is a misconception that QuickBooks hosting can take a toll on your organizational productivity by offering a different UI. However, this is not the case. QuickBooks hosting provides the same UI as QuickBooks Desktop. 

This means that you and your employees will not face any difficulty adjusting to the UI and can start being productive right from the beginning of using the solution.

7. Easier IT Management

If you manage your QuickBooks solution in-house, you need to take care of the IT needs from installation to its maintenance and purchase of new hardware. This task becomes even more cumbersome for accounting businesses as it distracts them from their core tasks.   

However, QuickBooks cloud hosting providers manage all your IT needs (it is included in your subscription fee). Any problem and you can inform them about the issue, and their team will assist you. Also, you do not have to invest in any IT resources, and the provider will offer you a seamless IT experience. 


With all the dynamic features of QuickBooks hosting, accounting has become easier. You get remote access to your accounting data with the latest security features.   

Also, QuickBooks hosting helps you go green, save paper usage and related expenses. Additionally, you also reduce your carbon footprint (which is a must in today’s world).  

Wish to know how QuickBooks hosting can benefit your business? Get in touch with our Solutions Consultant at 855-906-2884. 

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