6 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Provider

Over the years, businesses have realized the importance of hosting QuickBooks solutions on the cloud. Today, businesses of almost all sorts and sizes want to benefit from hosting the accounting application on a cloud server. However, they often get stuck choosing the best QuickBooks cloud hosting provider for their business. One of the primary reasons for such occurrences is the lack of in-depth research about the benefits offered by the cloud hosting provider. 

Choosing the best QuickBooks cloud hosting provider requires you to know how QuickBooks hosting works and what your expectations should be from the service provider.  

This infographic blog post will help you learn about the top six factors when choosing the best cloud hosting provider for QuickBooks. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Provider 

1. Data Security

Data security is of epitome importance, especially when it is your clients’ financial data. Hackers usually make financial data their prime target, requiring your cloud hosting provider to be vigilant and equipped with robust security systems. If your clients’ data is stolen, you might lose their trust for not being able to keep their data secure. You may further lose the client and get sued for not protecting the data. With robust QuickBooks cloud hosting security, you can save a significant amount of money; otherwise, you’d spend time dealing with data breach cases in court. 

Availing the service from a reliable QuickBooks cloud hosting provider will offer you industry-leading security. Besides, they will take care of all the security updates, ensuring top-notch security of your financial data. 

2. Server Uptime Reliability

Accessing files or data remotely will be impossible if your QuickBooks hosting solution is down. To ensure the uninterrupted productivity of your business, you will require round-the-clock data access.  

Availing QuickBooks cloud hosting services from a reputed hosting provider would provide a guaranteed high server uptime of 99.99%. As such, you can access the accounting files whenever required, as there will be a significantly low chance of the server being down. If any problem arises, you can contact the hosting provider to resolve the issue. 

In a nutshell, ensure that the cloud hosting provider has a high server uptime record and has robust strategies to mitigate server downtime. 

3. Customer Support

Continued productivity and smooth functioning of a business demand round-the-clock quality customer support from the QuickBooks cloud hosting provider. If you are new to QuickBooks hosting, you will certainly need technical support. So, ensure that the potential cloud hosting provider provides round-the-clock customer support, backed with qualified technical staff, and responds to all your queries irrespective of the time of the day. 

4. Free Trial for QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

While fixating on a cloud hosting provider, you’d expect the quality of hosting services to align with what has been committed by the service provider. Therefore, it is recommended that you check with the service provider if they provide a free trial of QuickBooks cloud hosting services. Using the hosted QuickBooks solution for a few days will help you decide whether or not to continue with the cloud hosting provider. 

5. Pricing Structure

You’ll find many cloud hosting providers offering lucrative introductory deals for their hosting services. However, it is essential that you understand what you pay for. You can ask for an itemized cost estimation for QuickBooks Hosting from the service provider and see if there are hidden charges. Further, compare the cost estimation with what other cloud hosting providers are offering.  

Last but not least, get a detailed overview of the service provider’s security and technology standards. It is because the most lucrative offers seem appealing, but they are not up to standards. 

6. Intuit Authorization

Availing QuickBooks cloud hosting services from an Intuit-authorized provider can be very advantageous for your business. This is because they handle all the software version upgrades to ensure you have the latest updates or versions on time. 

Additionally, they have solid data recovery and backup strategies to mitigate any data-related challenges. You get the assurance of all-time data safety, especially during a natural disaster and human-induced instances. Besides, you can ensure significantly high speed, high server uptime, flexible pricing plans, verifiable user ratings, and reviews.  

All of these contribute to an effective decision-making process for selecting the best QuickBooks cloud hosting provider. 

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Final Words 

Choosing the best QuickBooks cloud hosting provider requires you to know all the factors that can help your business embrace the benefits of cloud technology. Making the right decision to partner with the best cloud hosting provider can take your business to new heights and give you an edge over your competitors. 

By keeping the long-term accounting needs in mind and considering the various factors listed in this post, you can guarantee the selection of the right hosting provider for your business. If you need any suggestions or have queries about QuickBooks cloud hosting services, contact our Solutions Consultant @ +1-855-906-2884. We will assist you in managing your accounts securely. 

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