QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting: Why It Is the Right Time to Switch in 2023

The world changed drastically after COVID-19. Introduction of new COVID-19 variants, disrupted business operations, supply chain disruptions — a lot happened in the past couple of years.  

Organizations and businesses also have had to change their business processes. One such change has involved the use of QuickBooks Enterprise. Organizations are redefining the way they use QuickBooks Enterprise in 2023. Instead of using it as a desktop-based solution, they prefer a hosted solution from a third-party hosting provider. This has unlocked new dimensions for their QuickBooks Enterprise, most notably the ability to access everything on the go.  

QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting, Cloud Hsoting

Building upon this, there has been a manifold increase in cloud hosting in the past few years. But if someone asks, “what is the best time to take up QuickBooks Enterprise hosting,” it is now!   

To explain it better, here are five reasons that will make you understand why 2023 is the year for QuickBooks Enterprise hosting:  

1. Build a remote workforce  

Do you know that 25% of all jobs in North America will be remote by the end of 2023? COVID-19 brought about a major shift to our work culture. Firms which could function remotely naturally had an advantage as they were able to remain in business even during the lockdowns. 

However, working remotely also highlighted certain additional benefits which may have been unanticipated. The employees became more productive. It even helped recruiters find the best talents for their companies irrespective of the location of the talents. 

QuickBooks Enterprise hosting allows you to access QB files remotely. It is different from your usual QB Enterprise desktop, which can only be accessed from the device on which it is installed.   

Users also have the choice to use any compatible end point device such as a laptop, a smartphone, an iPad, etc. 

So, to make the best use possible of a remote workforce, businesses need to install QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud so that remote workers can be given “anywhere access” to QuickBooks. This is enabled via a third-party QuickBooks hosting provider. 

2. Get best-of-breed data security 

In 2022, it is estimated that a ransomware attack will occur every 11 seconds. This is alarming for QuickBooks Enterprise users as they regularly deal with sensitive financial data. For prevention of cyber-attacks, they need a robust security system.    

Hosted QuickBooks Enterprise is much more advanced than the traditional QB Enterprise. Reputed cloud hosting providers offer a dedicated IT team for monitoring and analyzing current or upcoming security threats. They also offer anti-hacking measures and tools to thwart a cyberattack.   

You also get multi-factor authentication, an Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) system, bank-grade encryption, and modern anti-ransomware software. Reputed hosting providers also deploy network filters to keep out malicious network activities. Ultimately, hosted QB Enterprise keeps your financial data much more secure than QB Enterprise Desktop.  

3. Enjoy smooth business expansion  

You enjoy a two-way benefit with QuickBooks Enterprise hosting. Your employees can easily work from the comfort of their homes, eliminating the need to have a physical office. In the same manner, your clients too can avail of your services remotely. As people embrace remote options increasingly in 2022, just imagine what else you can do with QuickBooks Enterprise!   

You could be located in San Francisco or Hawaii or Las Vegas and you can cater to clients from different cities, states, or continents right from your favorite city. You can easily attract customers worldwide and avoid the high cost of setting up a physical office.  

All you need is to invest in a monthly package. Implement a BYOD policy, and you will save more on purchasing laptops for your employees!  

4. Hassle-free IT management  

With QB Enterprise Desktop, the entire IT responsibility is on your shoulders. From part procurement to deployment, you handle everything. There is substantial cost liability, with the additional investment necessary to onboard an IT team. So, if you aim to hit a higher client number in 2022, beware!   

Your IT setup may prove to be a hindrance in achieving the same. But QuickBooks Enterprise hosting lets you work with almost zero IT responsibility. Reputed hosting providers manage all the IT hassles. They have a round-the-clock IT team for mitigating your IT issues. All you need to do is manage an end-point device which could be your laptop or a smartphone.   

The testament to the IT management capabilities of a hosted QuickBooks provider can be provided by their uptime guarantee. You can get a whopping 99.99% SLA uptime guarantee and enjoy unmatched QB Enterprise access with such hosting providers.  

5. Offer data-based accounting services  

The business landscape is changing rapidly. CPAs and accounting firms need to offer data-based services. Hosted QuickBooks Enterprise presents a perfect venue for incorporating data analytics. 

With QB Enterprise Desktop, the data is stored in various end-point devices. This makes it harder to compile data and run analytics. Whereas in hosted QuickBooks Enterprise, the information is stored in a centralized server. This also eliminates the need to print the files and store them — making QuickBooks Enterprise hosting a green solution. 

In short, there’s no hassle in collecting data from multiple devices. You can easily run data analytics and offer data-based services to your clients.  

Also, reputed QuickBooks Enterprise hosting providers deploy High-Performance Computing (HPC) servers. Thus, you can process larger data sets for data analysis in a quicker timeframe. 


QuickBooks Enterprise hosting is a great way to tackle not only the unpredictable aftermath of COVID-19 but also other geopolitical and business uncertainties prevalent in 2023. It is an excellent alternative to QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop in tax season 2023.

Apart from all the points mentioned above, you get a 45-day rolling back up by hosting with Ace Cloud Hosting. Click the chat button below to get a 7-day free trial. 

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