How QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting is a ‘Green’ Solution

The rapid growth of industrialization has put our environment at risk to the level that it has become a primary concern for most governments and companies worldwide. The customers are also becoming more and more aware of such issues.

Thus, it is a need of the hour to move to an eco-friendly business model. From going paperless to using energy-efficient devices, companies are constantly finding ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

Accounting firms, too, have initiated a move to a ‘greener’ business model by leveraging the technological advancements. They have realized that hosting their QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud is not merely a ‘technological thing.’ Firms and their customers are increasingly using it to reduce carbon emissions.

Let’s try to understand how this happens.

1. Remote Workers

When you host your QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud, the most significant benefit you get is that everyone in your team can work anywhere, using any device. Allowing people to work remotely offers a substantial environmental advantage.

Remote workers do not go to the office daily, which reduces fuel emissions from the thousands of cars that run on the roads because people are going to their workplace (and it obviously reduces traffic jams).

Also, having a remote workforce means that you will cut down on real estate expenses. You will need a smaller office space, resulting in less energy consumption.

2. Virtualization

When you install QuickBooks Enterprise on the local servers, the server resources are not efficiently utilized. For instance, if your storage is full, you will need to upgrade and purchase extra storage that will not be fully used the moment you buy it. Whereas, virtualization solves this problem.

Virtualization is the basic idea behind cloud hosting. It runs multiple virtual machines on a single physical server, eliminating the need to use multiple servers. If you host your QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud, it will reduce the need for physical servers, making the whole setup a ‘green’ solution.

3. Automation

Virtualization alone cannot yield maximum output from the cloud infrastructure for your QuickBooks Enterprise solution. Automation is necessary to take on crucial tasks like provisioning, scaling, moving clients’ workloads in a cloud-hosted infrastructure.

 With a combination of the right architectural standards and skills, cloud experts can make the best use of the resources and optimize your hosted QuickBooks Enterprise. This leads to the utilization of minimal electricity, resulting in cost-saving and a greener environment.

4. Renewable Energy Resources

Some cloud hosting providers have taken their game to the ‘next’ level. They host your QuickBooks Enterprise solution in green data centers that use renewable energy resources to run their operations. They use solar, hydro, geothermal, wind, and other such energy resources.

Such initiatives can make cloud hosting much more than just hosting applications on the cloud. There can be several environmental benefits that may be good for tackling global warming and other issues that are harming our planet.

Energy from renewable resources can save billions of dollars while reducing carbon emissions by millions of metric tons. In short, it is a way to reduce global warming and shift to a better, greener, and smarter accounting future.

5. Multitenancy

In 2013, Google funded a research project which aimed to measure the impact of cloud computing. The results indicated that if organizations move their most-used applications like email, CRM, accounting solutions (like QuickBooks Enterprise), etc. to the cloud, the total energy consumption could be reduced by 87%. How can this happen?

Cloud hosting service providers allow multiple tenants with different loads to use their services. This means that various businesses share the same cloud infrastructure and get their requirements fulfilled.

By analyzing the different demand patterns, the cloud provider can manage the peaks and troughs efficiently. Using automation, the ratio between the maximum and average demand also becomes smaller, reducing the need to install extra infrastructure. It results in the efficient use of resources like energy and IT infrastructure. Thus, by hosting their QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud, accounting firms can build a ‘green’ solution for the environment.

6. Going Paperless

Are you tired of storing all the paperwork in thick files? Cloud Hosting offers many advantages, such as digital files, anytime access (as long as you have access to the internet), regular backups, etc. Moving your QuickBooks Enterprise to the cloud means that you can store all your files and data at a secure place.

Such advantages have encouraged accounting firms to build a ‘paperless’ business model. With cloud as their central location to store the data, firms have reached a whole new level of functionality out there by going paperless.

This eliminates the need to purchase paper products as everything is saved on the cloud; you can simply delete the documents that are not needed (no need to shred paper anymore).

7. Pay-Per-Use Model

When you host your QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud, its pay-per-use nature encourages firms to use what they need and pay only for that. This leads to reasonable consumption of resources, which eventually results in lower energy consumption.

The resources will be used only when needed – the users opt for the resources they need for a specified time.

These two methods work simultaneously to deliver better energy and resource efficiency since users consume only what they need.


Looking at the benefits offered by hosting your QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud, you can surely see that it is much more than hosting an accounting solution. It serves the greater good of contributing towards a better and greener planet. Cloud hosting is a win-win solution for everyone.

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