QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting: The Solution for Large Enterprises

Businesses, no matter small or large, face multiple challenges. However, the approach to tackle the obstacles differs as per the size of the company. One of the most troubling areas for an enterprise is managing accounts and finances.

Most enterprises use QuickBooks Enterprise to handle accounting processes. It eases accounting tasks like payroll, payables, inventory tracking, etc. It also enables the users to tailor some of its features to meet the exact requirements.

QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting: The Solution for Large Enterprises

However, in our “new normal,” QuickBooks Enterprise installed on a local system has put limitations on its access and usability. To de-limit the users from accessing QBES while working from home, enterprises can host it on cloud servers. It enables remote accessibility, mobility, and flexibility of the software for enhanced and efficient business operations.

This article will discuss how hosting QuickBooks Enterprise can be the solution to large enterprises’ problems.

1. Top-Notch Security

QuickBooks Enterprise data is stored on local systems, making confidential financial data more vulnerable to security threats. This data is critical for accounting professionals, and thus, they have to be very cautious not to lose it.

You can remove this worry from the picture by choosing QuickBooks Enterprise hosting from a provider that implements best-in-class security measures to keep the data safe and secure. Some security measures are offered by reputed QuickBooks hosting providers—multi-factor authentication (MFA), anti-malware, antivirus, multiple firewalls, IDPS (Intrusion Detection & Protection System), and the like.

2. Data Storage

Large enterprises have to gather and store large sets of data. Also, historical data of many clients is to be maintained in order to provide them with insights, advisory, and future strategies. However, to keep all this data, large storage servers are needed to be installed on-premises.

With QBES hosting, business owners do not need to install physical servers as all the data is stored on cloud servers. The server space can be scaled up or down as per the business requirements; you only pay for the resources in use.

3. Disaster Recovery

Though experts have always been telling businesses to focus on cybersecurity, the recent 4th of July ransomware attack, the largest ransomware attack to date, has made business owners realize the severity of such attacks. With locally installed QBES, they need to plan and implement the measures on their own.

But by hosting QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud, businesses do not have to do it all alone. QB hosting providers offer Disaster Recovery solutions to the customers, giving businesses enhanced data security. A reliable provider also maintains data not at just one but multiple data locations to ensure quick recovery in case of any loss.

4. Cost Efficiency

Large businesses have a large number of employees, which means a large number of resource requirements at the physical office. And more hardware resources simply mean deploying additional IT teams to ensure their timely maintenance.

However, you can reduce this additional team deployment cost by switching to QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting. With QBES installed on cloud servers, the need for an extensive IT infrastructure can be cut down to the minimum, and business owners can also implement BYOD to reduce the hardware resources further.

5. Unmatched Support

Hardware issues like lagging, low storage warnings, and slow CPUs are constant when dealing with extensive data. This means IT personnel have to constantly update and maintain the system to keep it up and running. This means a delay in critical processes and loss of billable hours.

QuickBooks Enterprise hosting solves this problem as reputable hosting providers have a dedicated IT team with solution consultants available round-the-clock to make sure the software and its data are available at all times for hassle-free operations. They also keep troubleshooting to ensure no issues arise in the first place.

6. Collaboration

Enterprises have a large number of employees as well as clients. Sharing files and collaborating with all the stakeholders via email becomes a highly time-consuming task. Moreover, maintaining such large records calls for a sturdy and robust system.

Impressive features of Quickbooks Enterprise that can easily handle all the complex tasks—hosting it on the cloud levels up the collaborations among teams and with the clients. With QBES hosting, multiple professionals and clients can simultaneously work on the same file, resulting in real-time data changes and quicker and error-free task completion.

7. Mobility & Flexibility

QuickBooks Enterprise installed on the office system has limited accessibility. Professionals have to be at their desks to work on any file. Thus, if they are away from their system or have taken a day off, any urgent task will be postponed, resulting in lower productivity and fewer billable hours.

QuickBooks Enterprise hosting provides mobility to access your software and its data from anywhere at any time using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The only requirement is a stable internet connection. It also enables flexibility of resources as you can quickly scale up or scale down the resources as per the business requirements. Also, you will only pay for the resources that you use.

8. Business Continuity

Installing QuickBooks Enterprise on local systems is more prone to natural & man-made disasters, hardware malfunctions, etc. Such challenges can put a halt on business operations or lead to business failure in extreme situations.

These circumstances can be minimized by hosting QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud. QBES Hosting providers offer business continuity features where they replicate data frequently to ensure no data loss in case of unforeseen situations. Such providers also offer resource redundancy. For instance, if power to a server fails, it gets power from another source so that you experience smooth access for continued business operations.

9. Integrations

A large business relies on multiple tools and software to manage its operations smoothly. However, tracking the same data on multiple tools can be a tedious task.

QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting solves this problem as business owners can integrate multiple third-party add-on applications with QBES on the same cloud environment and transfer the data easily for smooth & efficient business operations.

Wrapping Up

Keeping all the above points in consideration, it is clear that QuickBooks Enterprise hosting solves a number of challenges of a large enterprise. It also makes an end-to-end business solution.

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