QuickBooks Desktop Remote Access: What is it and How is it Beneficial for Businesses?

Do you still need to travel to your office to access QuickBooks Desktop and serve clients? Do you still wish collaboration to get easier with QuickBooks? Then you need to know about QuickBooks Desktop remote access feature. 

QuickBooks has marked its presence in the accounting industry in recent years. Features like streamlined bank feeds, automated receipt management, payment reminders, customized payment receipts, etc., simplify your accounting process to a considerable extent. Yet, the inability to perform these tasks remotely can be detrimental to your business. It can lead to a loss of reputation and hamper business growth.  

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This is where the remote access feature of QuickBooks comes in handy. Such features give you access to your data and the software anytime. Besides, you don’t need to travel to the office to serve your clients, especially during non-business hours. 

Read on to explore ways QuickBooks Desktop remote access can benefit and take your business to new heights. 

What is QuickBooks Desktop Remote Access? 

QuickBooks Desktop remote access means you can access the software via a secured server on the web. You can use compatible internet-enabled devices to access documents, emails, and other files without being restricted to a specific location. Multiple QuickBooks users can access QuickBooks files and documents to reduce their travel costs and office infrastructure expenses. 

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Another significant benefit of QuickBooks Desktop remote access is that multiple users can collaborate and work simultaneously. This way, they can help their managers to keep track of various activities. 

QuickBooks remote access feature helps you meet the necessity of remote accounting data accessibility. Some other advantages of this feature are as under: 

  • You can access QuickBooks Desktop round the clock 
  • Multiple users can work on a single QuickBooks file 
  • Tracking the financial position and accountants’ activities becomes easy 
  • Copy-pasting files and folders across remote and local PCs get easy 

The benefits mentioned above indicate that users who want to use QuickBooks Desktop get all the benefits of QuickBooks Online. 

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How to Access QuickBooks Desktop Remotely? 

One of the best ways to get QuickBooks Desktop remote access is by hosting the software on the cloud. With QuickBooks cloud hosting, the software is hosted on third-party servers. Many Intuit-authorized hosting providers host QuickBooks on the cloud and enable you to access the application remotely using the internet. 

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In cloud-hosted QuickBooks, all the software features remain the same as that of QuickBooks Desktop. Plus, it supports cross-device operations giving you the flexibility to use preferred devices. 

When you avail QuickBooks Desktop remote access services from a reliable cloud hosting provider, they take care of the software maintenance. Besides, you get multi-user collaboration and multiple add-on integrations to enhance the software’s function. 

It’s Not Just QuickBooks Remote Access with Cloud-Hosted QuickBooks 

While you’ve read how QuickBooks cloud hosting gives you access to the software remotely, there are other benefits of hosting QuickBooks on the cloud. Here’s a look at them: 

1. 24×7, 365-Day Customer Support 

Availing hosted QuickBooks service ensures that you get round-the-clock IT support. QuickBooks cloud hosting providers have a team of skilled professionals whom you can contact during any time of the day and resolve your queries and concerns. This is contrary to locally-hosted QuickBooks, where you would need to wait for a prolonged period to seek help. Besides, you wouldn’t get round-the-clock support for your QuickBooks-related issues. As a result, you’d face delays in completing tasks and might lose your reputation in the market. 

2. Data Security 

The security of data is essential for any business. According to a recent report from Statista, more than 800 data compromise events are reported in the US until the first half of 2022. 

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Source : U.S. number of data violation cases 2022 | Statista

A lack of robust data security mechanisms can drastically impact your business, slowing its growth. With cloud-hosted QuickBooks, things are different. Reliable QuickBooks hosting providers have full-proof mechanisms to counter data theft and other forms of data breach. These include role-based access, bank-grade data encryption, the latest antivirus and antimalware, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS).  

3. IT Management Gets Easier 

In-house management of QuickBooks requires you to handle IT requirements from installation to maintenance and purchasing new hardware. Such tasks become more cumbersome, especially for accounting businesses, as it distracts them from fundamental tasks. 

In cloud-hosted QuickBooks, the hosting provider manages all the IT needs. You don’t need to invest in IT infrastructure or hire in-house IT professionals to maintain the upkeep of the software. If you encounter any problem, you can contact the cloud hosting provider and get immediate help, ensuring a seamless IT experience. 

4. Maximum Uptime 

In an on-premise QuickBooks solution, you might experience a significant downtime during technical glitches or upgrades. The longer the downtime duration, the higher the risk of financial and reputational loss. 

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All-time accessibility of the software requires cloud hosting providers to ensure maximum uptime of their cloud servers. When you partner with a reliable QuickBooks cloud hosting provider, you get a higher SLA-backed server uptime of 99.99%. This way, you can ensure continued productivity while focusing on the core area of your business. 

Wrapping it Up 

Staying productive and accessing accounting files at any time of the day is vital for any business. If you have been using QuickBooks Desktop and want to fulfil this objective, hosting the software on the cloud is what you must do. Apart from getting QuickBooks Desktop remote access, you get round-the-clock IT support, high data security, easy collaboration, and high server uptime. Most importantly, you contribute to the concept of “go green” by adopting paperless accounting.   

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