How QuickBooks Desktop on Cloud plays major role in Security?

QuickBooks Desktop, as accounting software, has dramatically shaped the face of the modern accounting world. It has simplified the once complex accounting operations and helped firms to be more efficient and productive.

How QuickBooks Desktop on Cloud plays major role in Security?However, still using it on a local system carries serious drawbacks that can quickly debilitate your organization’s security framework. It is more prone to cyber threats as most firms don’t have adequate measures to prevent modern cyber-attacks. They can be easily accessed, are difficult to control access on a hierarchical level, and are defenseless against modern attacks. Also, a firm may lack financial resources to implement the necessary measures.

But, there is a solution – QuickBooks on the cloud. With the cloud, the service provider ramps up the security of your QB Desktop and prevents potential data leaks. They offer an advanced cyber-security system with the latest available tools. Also, it is quite economical and easy to use.

Here are five reasons how QuickBooks Desktop on the cloud plays a significant role in security.

1. Controlled Administrative Access

Traditionally setting up QB carries several limitations. One of them is limited access control. It is comparatively easier to acquire confidential data in a local setup – gain access to the system, and you can conveniently retrieve anything. However, some organizations try to limit such incidents by implementing additional security layers like encryption of their hard disk. But what if an intruder steals them? This calls for credible fail-safe measures – something that can be easily done with the cloud.

By moving your QuickBooks to the cloud, your service provider can limit administrative control to the data and prevent its illicit access. It allows you to segregate data visibility according to the user’s role within the organization and monitor their activity. Also, in QB hosting, the data is stored on remote servers which are near-impossible to access. They are guarded by premium security measures like constant CCTV surveillance, biometric verification for personnel, and laser-based anti-burglary system that further strengthens their security.

2. Modern Anti-Hacking Solutions

If you thought Covid-19 was one of the worst things that happened in 2020, you want to have a second thought. With over a 600% rise in cybercrimes, increasing cyber-attacks disrupted organizations worldwide and caused immense damage. The accounting sector, too, was considerably affected by some of the prestigious accounting firms getting their crucial financial data exposed due to malware attacks. So how do you safely protect your organization and ensure its cyber safety? The answer is QB hosting.

In this current world, the traditional desktop setups lack sufficient security features to prevent modern hacking activities. With the cloud, you can access a multi-layered security system for enhanced safety within your organization. It has several measures like the latest IDPS system for detecting illegal intrusions, firewalls for filtering out suspicious activities, and the newest anti-malware/antivirus tools. Also, the cloud environment is timely updated and monitored extensively to thwart any hacking attempts.

3. Multi-Compliance Availability

Just like the FDA was founded to create rules and standards to control the quality of pharmaceutical and food products in the US, several organizations exist around the world that formulate compliances and thereby help improve service quality and security. When an industry adheres to any such compliance, they automatically bring in the established standards to enhance their organizational security. And this is where the cloud benefits you the most.

Traditionally setting up QB on a desktop means adhering to one or two compliance at the most. However, the cloud environment is different. Reputed service providers cater to multiple clients-type around the world. This means, to fulfill their different industrial requirements, they generally adhere to several compliances like ISO, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, etc. This way, by moving to the cloud, you can experience a network that is much better protected and secured than the customarily desktop environment.

4. Secure System Access

In this modern world, the Internet plays a significant role in our daily lives. It is like digital oxygen and is essential for carrying out multiple professional and personal tasks across the globe. However, with the increasing sophistication and frequency of cyber-attacks, the Internet has progressively turned into a hotbed for illegal activities and is widely used to target crucial organizational data. This demands cyber-environments that can easily withstand such attacks and protect your data.

And this is where QB on the cloud becomes furthermore crucial for data security. Apart from the modern tools, a traditional desktop may also lack several security features like database encryption and multi-factor authentication. In the cloud, your service provider encrypts the data by 256-bit SSL bank-grade encryption, with the service providers being TLS 1.3 certified. Also, any login into the cloud must undergo extra authentication for accessing the data, which again reinforces the organizational integrity and improves your protection.

5. Reliable Business Continuity

When it comes to data availability, you also need to ensure its continued availability and implement necessary measures to preserve it. However, traditionally using QB makes it difficult to safeguard your data and secure continued data availability effectively. Any data stored on a local setup makes it hardware-dependent, putting it under considerable risks if that specific device is damaged or malfunctions. Also, what if a calamity strikes your office space and permanently destroys it?

With the cloud, you can get a comprehensive solution for all your data-backing hassles and ensure guaranteed continued business continuity for your business. Since everything in the cloud is stored remotely, you don’t need to have any specific device to access it. Any device with a good internet connection will do. Also, reputed service providers periodically back up the data on multiple remote servers, with each of such servers being placed strategically. So, even if a calamity damages one of them, you can easily access the data from another and continue your business operations.


Data security is crucial in today’s economy. Any data breach can damage the reputation of your firm and result in considerable financial losses. However, QuickBooks Desktop on the cloud can come to your aid here.

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