How To Achieve Business Continuity With QuickBooks Hosting?

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a collective realization around the world that the businesses were not ready for it.

Business continuity is a term that is no mystery around the business community. Every new procedure and strategies are implemented by companies to keep the finances afloat during a crisis. However, when it comes to adopting the right technologies that ensure business continuity, some companies are still a bit hesitant.

How To Achieve Business Continuity With QuickBooks Hosting?One such technology that can make continuous business operations possible is “Cloud.” Whether a startup or an enterprise, cloud offers all companies the flexibility, security, and mobility they need to keep track of their business. To relieve yourself from the hassles of creating an on-premise cloud infrastructure, you can opt for cloud hosting services from a third-party provider.

Various industries have already started hosting their favorite accounting tool QuickBooks on the cloud to keep track of their business transactions without interruptions. Let us see how QuickBooks hosting can help businesses achieve business continuity.

1. QuickBooks Access

One of the major restrictions while installing QuickBooks on the local systems is that the software can be accessed only from a single location, i.e., your office.

Let’s say that you have to attend a seminar in some other city, or have a doctor’s appointment, what then? Surely, the clients can’t wait until you get back to your desktop. This inflexibility in operations makes a serious dent in business continuity and also affects your reputation.

With QuickBooks on cloud, you get the unprecedented ability to access your QuickBooks from any place in the world, 24/7. Hence, you never lose track of your financial transactions. Any data you want is available at your fingertips. Moreover, if you want to share that data with the clients, just give them access to the specific file, without having to mail them.

2. Risk Assessment

To sustain in the market, you need to be ready for any crisis situation that may befall your business. When talking about the IT infrastructure, these risks can be anything from a hard drive crash to a full-scale cyberattack.

All these risks can hamper your business process on different scales. Hence, you must be prepared for these situations rather than acting on impulse after the incident has already occurred.

The renowned QuickBooks hosting providers always undergo proper risk assessment for your applications and data. For instance, your QuickBooks data that consists of confidential financial information can be subject to a ransomware attack. The providers take a proactive approach and draft procedures and policies in case such an event occurs.

This streamlines the entire mitigation process and gives providers ample time to counter the situation.

3. Data Centers

Talking about the local IT infrastructure, you might have noticed all the supporting equipment required to keep your computer systems working. Your server room is well air-conditioned with a lot of cabling, and, of course, a power connection. If something goes wrong with any of these connections, you could experience a halt in your operations.

With QuickBooks hosting, one of the essential aspects is the data center that the service provider chooses to host your business process. In fact, it is a differentiating factor between the good and the best QuickBooks hosting providers.

The competent providers host your data and applications in Tier-3 or Tier-4 data centers only. These data centers comply with all the data security regulations and offer redundancy of the IT infrastructure. For instance, if one power equipment fails, there is another power source to fall back to. This makes business continuity possible throughout the year.

4. Security

The cyberworld is coping with the increasing intensity of cyberattacks on businesses all around the globe. According to Arkose Labs, about 445 million cyberattacks have been detected since 2020.

Any cyberattack on your business can not only hamper business continuity but also cause irreparable damage. However, the types of these cyberattacks are diverse, and it is an arduous job for your IT team to deploy preventive measures protection for all.

The QuickBooks hosting providers offer multiple security measures to ensure that your data is secure from the cyberattacks. They deploy firewalls at the multiple data points (hardware firewalls at the entry point of the cloud network and software firewalls in the servers).

Moreover, they ensure that your accounting data is encrypted during data transmission as well as when stored in the cloud. These measures ensure the security of your business process from attacks like ransomware, DDoS, and man-in-the-middle.

5. Disaster Recovery

You might have the best IT infrastructure consisting of high-performance desktops, advanced security, and state-of-the-art equipment deployed in your office. However, what happens if the entire area is affected by a catastrophe such as an earthquake or flood.

Your immobile IT setup with all your data and applications becomes non-operational, making you hustle to get the systems back to normal.

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The QuickBooks hosting providers offer complete protection of your data and applications from natural and human-inflicted disasters. They implement a disaster recovery plan, wherein the QuickBooks software and data are replicated in redundant data centers spread across different locations in the country.

When a disaster strikes one of the data centers, your access is shifted to another one. Consequently, you can access your business process from the redundant data center and continue working as nothing happened.

6. Customer Support

No IT setup is complete without an efficient IT support team. However, in the global business scenario, you need to follow different time zones. If the IT team is reachable at any instance (say late at night), it could lead to a halt in operations.

When you opt for QuickBooks hosting, the providers offer 24/7 customer support for the resolution of any hosting related issues. They offer support via call, chat, or email. The best hosted QuickBooks providers also guarantee a minimum response and resolution time, ensuring business continuity.

Final Note

Getting business operations running throughout the year is the ultimate aim of any company. However, many internal and external factors halt business operations from time to time. By opting for QuickBooks hosting, you get all the advanced cloud features with best-in-class security, guaranteeing business continuity.

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