Why QuickBooks Canada Hosting Is Important To Businesses Nowadays

Every company, be it large or small, needs an accountant to carry out its financial tasks. Accountants play a significant role in the working of any company. They have a variety of work in hand like- billing, invoicing, money management, financial reporting, and much more. Manually doing all this work can be extremely tedious.

Why QuickBooks Canada Hosting Is Important To Businesses Nowadays

One software to ease the work of accountants and CPAs is QuickBooks Canada. This version of QuickBooks has been designed according to the Canadian accounting system requirements and supports unique calculation needs according to the region, such as Canada’s GST, HST, or PST sales tax. With QuickBooks Canada, accountants and CPAs can perform all their tasks with ease.

However, what adds more efficiency to their work is hosting QuickBooks Canada on the cloud. These days many companies are adopting cloud technology to fasten their work process. According to Forbes, by the year 2020, approximately 78% of small businesses in the US will completely migrate to cloud.

Hosting QuickBooks Canada on cloud can be extremely beneficial for accounting firms. Hosted QuickBooks eliminates many drawbacks of the QuickBooks desktop version. Cloud hosting removes physical barriers and makes it easier for people to work at their best potential.

Below are a few reasons why QuickBooks Canada Hosting can be helpful to businesses-

1. Communication and Collaboration

QuickBooks Canada, when hosted on a cloud server, gives you efficient communication and collaboration as multiple people can work simultaneously on the same document from multiple locations.

This is because, with hosted QuickBooks, a virtual workspace is created where you can host all your software and data required for your accounting work. Thus, all your work like-auditing, creating reports, managing bills, and expenses, and much more can be done on one common platform.

2. Security and Backup

When it comes to accounting, the security of data and information is of utmost importance. Hosting QB Canada on cloud ensures that you can work without worrying about any data loss.

Cloud hosting providers create a secure environment for your QuickBooks software with advanced security measures in order to safeguard your important information.

For further security, hosting providers take multiple backups of your data. So, you can easily recover your data in case of any loss from cyberattacks or natural disasters.

3. Reduced IT Costs

Having in-house hardware requires a lot of maintenance, IT support, and management, thus making it heavy on the pocket. It also increases the chances of data loss.

With QuickBooks cloud hosting, you can minimize the capital and operational costs. Once you host your QuickBooks, your cloud hosting provider takes care of everything from migration of data to IT and technical support.

Moreover, as the QuickBooks Canada software and data are hosted on the cloud servers of the provider, the capital expenses reduce significantly.

Thus, cloud hosting of QB Canada is a cost-efficient way of carrying out your accounting process in an efficient manner.

4. Remote Access

Using the desktop version of QuickBooks Canada on local systems means that you cannot do your work when you are away from the office or traveling.

Hosting QB Canada on cloud ensures that you no longer need to sit in the office from 9 to 5 for your work. You can remotely access your accounting data from anywhere around the globe, given that you have an internet connection. This means that your critical work does not stop even when you’re not in the office.

5. Working With The Latest Technology

With the advancement of technology these days, it is imperative for your business to stay on par with the new updates in technology.

With the cloud, all your resources are continuously updated to its latest versions, so that you can always deliver your best work to your clients. Since all your accounting files and information are stored in the cloud, the latest versions are available to all the users and hence increases the efficiency of collaboration.

6. Support

When you host QuickBooks Canada on cloud, the customer support team of the hosting provider will be available around the clock to help you with any issues you face related to migration, hosting, backups, etc.

This ensures that your work does not stop even when you are facing any problems, as your cloud hosting providers are always at your service to solve an issue immediately.

7. Integration

Accounting work includes everything from managing bills and expenses to generating reports. Hence, apart from QuickBooks Canada Desktop, accountants also require additional third-party add-ons such as billing applications, inventory software, etc.

Cloud environment allows easy and seamless integration of all the required applications and software with QuickBooks on one common platform. So, now your team can work with all the applications needed on cloud easily and efficiently.

Final Note

Moving to cloud guarantees much faster and efficient work for you and your entire team together. It enables you to deliver the best of your accounting work to your clients.

So, are you planning to move your QuickBooks Canada license to the cloud?

Before rushing into anything, it is essential to do the research. Choosing the right cloud hosting provider is extremely important before migrating your accounting work to the cloud.

Have more questions on hosting QuickBooks Canada on cloud. Talk to our Solutions Consultant at +1-855-223-4887.

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