Last updated on January 13th, 2023

Intuit released the latest version of its business accounting software, QuickBooks 2016, in the early half of September. This desktop version arrived to serve Windows operating system for Enterprise, Accountant, Premier, and Pro series. The software package introduced a number of improvements compared to its earlier version, QuickBooks 2015. The upgrades were significant and it earned warm welcome by the users over the world.

QuickBooks 2016 Review

More than a couple of months have passed since then and it seems to be the right time to analyze the performance of the software. Here is a review of QuickBooks 2016 version:

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The Likes

  • Easier Billing: The improvements that QuickBooks 2016 commands over its preceding version are many. These updates might not appear significant on paper. However, the convenience they together deliver is pretty impressive. To start with, QuickBooks 2016 offers improved tracking of the bills within the renovated dashboard. This might take some minutes to get used to. Once you get used, the billing gets streamlined.
  • Multitasking: To deliver accounting operations faster, QuickBooks 2016 allows pretty smooth working with multiple files for the users. Also, different users working on the same file are provided with separate copies, along with an accounting communication option.
  • More Control: Transactions deletion has also been heightened. One can now delete or void the bulk transactions in one go. Studded with filters to bulk select the transactions, this feature can make considerable storage space on the machine or the cloud.
  • Report: Report building has also witnessed some facelifts with additional filters and improved data updating, verification, and rebuilding feature.
  • Backups: An interesting and pleasant improvement is with the reliability of the existing files. With QuickBooks 2016, the backups are maintained better while working on the existing files.
  • More Features: Features, such as Laser printer support for label printing, Auto-copy of shipping address, etc., have industry-specific benefits that will help certain users, but not all.

The Lacks

  • Number of Users: Though there is not much to dislike about QuickBooks, the number of users for the Pro, Premium, and Enterprise versions still remain the same as 3, 5, and 30 respectively. With some stiff competition on offer in respect to the pricing, everyone will not enjoy the user limitations.
  • Hardware Restrictions: The users relying on the older hardware will not easily be able to upgrade to the newer versions. Hence, they would have to think for the hardware upgrade, unless they choose the cloud solution. Hosting QuickBooks on the cloud can allow them to access 2016 version without worrying about the local hardware.

Final Words

All in all QuickBooks 2016 is packed with benefits. QuickBooks has remained among the prime accounting solutions for years and with QuickBooks 2016, it continues on the same track. There are a number of reasons that make it a better option than QuickBooks Online version with stability and reliability being most significant ones.

In the recent years, its makers have shown more interest in the cloud-centric solutions, like most of its competitors. QuickBooks 2016 follows this practice. Therefore, it can be suggested that already able software, QuickBooks 2016, will deliver the optimum performance on the cloud.

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