Top 10 Microsoft 365 Apps That You Are Not Aware Of

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based business productivity suite with a bundle of applications and features. Apart from the basic applications such as MS Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, etc., it has various other tools that help you carry out all your work.

Its cloud-based model allows you to access the suite from anywhere at anytime and lets you collaborate on documents with your entire team on a common platform.

Top 10 Microsoft 365 Apps That You Are Not AwareWith all such benefits of Office 365, there are a number of applications and features that you might not be aware of and can be extremely useful for carrying out various tasks. Here are a few of them.

1. Boomerang

This Microsoft application is a productivity tool for sending emails. Boomerang syncs with your email, such as Outlook, and provides various features to make your work easier.

With the help of Boomerang, you can easily schedule emails to be sent later, track and follow up on emails, snooze messages, schedule meetings, and a lot more. It also includes an AI-powered assistant tool- Respondable that helps you write better emails.

2. Office Lens – Capture

Office Lens is a camera synced with OneNote that helps you take better pictures of documents, whiteboards, or photos. It enhances the quality of the picture by editing it (cropping, lighting, adjusting) as per the requirements. This picture gets added to your OneNote and can be accessed anytime.

3. Math Assistant

OneNote in MS Office 365 comes with a Math Assistant that solves any mathematical problems for you. You simply have to type or write the equation and open the Math Assistant and then choose the action you want to perform on the equation.

This tool also provides a step-by-step guide to help you learn to solve the equation on your own.

4. Microsoft Clutter

MS Clutter in Office 365 is an email management tool. It helps de-clutter your inbox by prioritizing emails. This tool analyses your past email behavior and then determines what emails you are likely to ignore and moves them out of the priority inbox to another folder called Clutter.

Thus, with the help of this feature, you can easily find important emails at the top of your inbox.

5. PowerPoint Morph

The Morph feature in Microsoft PowerPoint helps improve your presentations by providing custom animations for the transition of slides. It enhances the creativity of presentations and makes it visually appealing.

To use this feature, you just need to duplicate the slide, move the elements, and apply the morph transition.

6. Microsoft Bookings

MS Bookings come as an add-on in Office 365. It is a scheduling application that helps you manage your calendar. With this application, you can easily schedule meetings and appointments, manage them, and send email reminders for meetings and other events.

It removes the hassle of sending emails back and forth, thereby making scheduling easier.

7. Ink Editor

This tool in Office 365 makes editing documents easier. Ink Editor enables you to draw, highlight, write, or use any gesture easily in a Word document. It gives you multiple editing options such as strike-through, circle text, and a lot more on a touch device with the use of a digital pen or a finger.

8. Dictate

The Dictate tool in Microsoft Word, Outlook, OneNote, and PowerPoint enables you to use your voice to write documents with the help of speech recognition. This removes the hassle of mistyping and correcting errors.

9. MileIQ

MileIQ is an automatic mileage tracking and reporting application by Microsoft. It runs in the background and tracks all your drives and generates a detailed report of your mileage.

You can easily customize this application and classify drives into work or personal, including different shifts.

10. Skype For Business

Skype for Business enables you to conduct a meeting with your team and work on any document at the same time. Thus, you can easily collaborate on a document during a meeting. It enhances your teamwork and fastens the work.

Final Note

MS Office 365 can be extremely beneficial for your work if used in the right way. With a large number of tools and applications in this suite, you can do almost all your work on this platform, given that you have complete knowledge about them.

These hidden applications and features of Microsoft Office 365 helps you in small ways to improve your work productivity and to make your work faster and more efficient.

Do you know other useful features of Office 365 that we might have missed? Let us know in the comments section.

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