Microsoft 365 Admin Center – What Is In It?

Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) is a cloud-based productivity suite with a wide range of applications and services for professional and personal work. It offers you multiple plans to choose from – Microsoft 365 for Business, Microsoft 365 for Enterprises, Microsoft 365 for Home, and Microsoft 365 for Students and Educators.

Microsoft 365 Admin Center - What Is In It?

Microsoft recently launched a new Microsoft 365 Admin Center that comes with the business plans of Microsoft 365. This admin center is a centralized platform where you manage your business in the cloud.

It offers a customizable and tailored experience as per your business requirements and lets you track and manage everyone’s activities on Microsoft 365. The access of this admin center is given to the purchaser of the plan, and you can then choose who else can access it.

You can access this admin center by visiting and then signing up with your Microsoft 365 credentials.

Let us see in detail the various functions that you can perform on Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

1. Create Cards For Tasks

On the homepage of the admin center, you can create cards for various tasks that you perform daily. You can add and subtract these cards as and when required. You can also drag and drop these cards to reposition them.

2. Add or Remove Users

One of the major functionalities of the admin center is that it lets you manage your Microsoft 365 license by giving you access to add or subtract users easily. This gives you the authority to decide who to provide access to your Microsoft 365 license.

3. Create and Manage Groups

The admin center further lets you create and manage groups within your organization. You can create groups for various departments, manage their activities, and their group emails and inboxes.

4. Manage Billing

Another important use of the admin center is billing. It lets you view your subscription and purchase or cancel subscriptions as per your requirements. You can also control the number of licenses allotted to each member of your organization and view the past billing history of your subscription.

5. Access Microsoft Support

The admin center lets you raise support queries/requests for issues that you face with your Microsoft 365 subscription. You can go back and view your support request history whenever you want.

6. Get Detailed Reports

Get detailed reports on your organization’s usage of Microsoft 365 over email, along with billing details and subscription/license information every month.

7. Manage Settings of Individual Apps

You can manage the global settings for all individual Office applications and even open separate admin centers for applications such as – SharePoint, Yammer, MS Exchange, Skype for Business, and Azure. This will enable you to control and manage each individual application and its usage.

For example, in SharePoint, you can manage all your websites; in Exchange, you can manage your emails, inboxes, and calendars; in Skype for Business, you can manage all your online conferences very easily.

In short, Microsoft 365 Admin Center lets you control and manage your entire organization from one centralized platform. It provides you with all the information required and enables you to make data-driven decisions for your organization. This makes your work much faster and enhances work productivity, and helps you get the required results.

Are you using Microsoft 365 subscription? Do you have anything to add? Please let us know in the comment section.

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