How To Make The Most Out Of QuickBooks Premier Hosting?

The hosting industry has grown significantly over the past few years. Coming times are seeing more and more business owners host their business applications on cloud. It offers various benefits like remote accessibility, better security system, centralized workspace, and much more.

Intuit’s QuickBooks Premier is one of the most widely-hosted software, with many organizations hosting it to boost its pre-existing functionalities and have a richer QB experience.



There are several tips and guidelines, which, if you follow, allow you to get the best possible experience from your hosted QuickBooks Premier solution. In the end, they add up to the boosted capabilities of your QB Premier and further augment your QB Premier experience.

Let’s have a look at them:

1. Opt for a trial

Before starting with your hosted QuickBooks Premier solution, it is essential to get an initial experience. Opting for a trial allows you to assess your business needs and understand the service sphere your QuickBooks hosting provider offers. This will allow you to quickly understand the requirements of your organization without getting side-tracked from your original organizational objective and have a better understanding of various cost-related factors as well.
Also, you can train your employees to make them more comfortable with the hosted solution and see whether they can adapt or not. This way, instead of simply going all out for a hosted QuickBooks Premier solution, opting for a trial helps you to identify your optimum service provider, the resulting costs and get the best hosting experience possible.

2. Implement a BYOD policy

Letting your employees use their own devices is beneficial for you and your employees. It allows you to significantly save up on the maintenance of the end-point devices, with them being more productive and showing greater work output. This has been supported by the growth of the BYOD market, which is expected to grow up to $367 billion by 2022 (nearly ten times more than just $30 billion in 2014).
By hosting your QuickBooks Premier on the cloud, you can easily facilitate the BYOD policy at your workplace. Since a hosted QuickBooks Premier solution is installed on remote servers and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, all you need is to provide them the required user authorization. They can readily access the hosted QB Premier using their own devices and work.

3. Integrate multiple add-ons

Although QuickBooks Premier is a powerful software with tremendous financial capabilities, it requires integration with third-party applications or add-ons for availing few specific features (like advanced inventory control, CRM) that are not in-built with QuickBooks Premier. However, it supports quick integrations; a traditional QB environment lacks the necessary computational capacity and limits the number of add-ons you can smoothly integrate.
Moving to a hosted QuickBooks Premier solution with the help of a reputed service provider augments your QB experience. They deploy high-performance computing servers that don’t slow down with each integration. This way, you can make the most out of QuickBooks Premier hosting and integrate multiple add-ons without worrying about the resulting computational load.

4. Hire remote workers

Employees are the backbone of any organization and play a crucial role in overall performance and growth. Hence, it is only natural that business owners look to hire the best talents from around the world. However, in an on-premise Quickbooks Premier setup, QB can only be operated from the device in which it is installed, requiring your employees to either visit your workplace or you must provide them with portable devices like laptops in case you want them to work remotely.
Hosting your QuickBooks Premier empowers you to hire remote workers easily. Since it can be remotely accessed from any thin-client device, you can easily hire remote workers without worrying about any geographical or time-zone limitations and hire skilled personnel to serve your clients better.

5. Implement paperless accounting

In a paperless office space, all your employees need to do is click a few buttons and they can instantly look up a document. This allows them to save up much of their time in searching and to organize the paperwork. Also, it offers better security, reduces other paper-related costs, and leaves less carbon footprint. However, even if organizations implement a paperless environment, a conventional QuickBooks Premier setup limits its overall impact. Since everything is being locally stored, different human-made or environmental factors can easily damage your local storage and lead to data loss.
A quality QuickBooks hosting provider regularly backs up your data and stores it on multiple data servers that are interconnected and strategically located. So, if a data center is damaged, you can still access your data, ultimately allowing you to go paperless without worrying about any data loss.


QuickBooks Premier hosting is a unique solution with benefits such as remote accessibility, enhanced data security, and much more. However, many business owners feel that it will deliver results from day one of its deployment.

To get the most out of your hosted QuickBooks Premier solution, you need to set clear goals and try the solution for at least a week.

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