Intuit Releases Update R6 for QuickBooks 2015 Version

Intuit has released a new update, Release 6 (R6), for QuickBooks 2015. This update comes with a number of bug fixes to ensure better operations with QuickBooks. Along with the bug fixes, the company has also introduced some new features for the software.

Intuit Releases Update R6 for QuickBooks 2015 Version

The update R6 is applicable for QuickBooks Pro 2015, QuickBooks Premier 2015, and Enterprise Solutions 15.0. Some of the highlights of the changes that recent QuickBooks updates have implemented are listed below in the table.

Update R6 R5 R4
Resolved issue that stopped Transaction History window from opening with Ctrl+H for emailed invoice. Yes
Resolved issue that caused Cost column to be subtotaled with Price column is subtotaled. Yes
Resolved issue that displayed 0.0 in amount column for invoice that has an only description. Yes
Resolved issue that disallowed statements emailing. Yes
Resolved issue that affected QuickBooks crash on batch emailing of invoices. Yes
Resolved problem that caused “decrease in performance” while editing or using the inventory items in multi-user mode. Yes
Resolved problem that caused unrecoverable error on selecting the Full Access role during user setup. Yes
Resolved issue that displayed incorrect quantities in Site Locations in assembly items buildup. Yes
Online Banking payee mismatch error can be resolved by rebuild utility. Yes
New feature that reports the availability of attachment with transaction has been added. Yes
Invoice sending restricted to a new HTML format. Yes Yes
Resolves issue that caused existing Weekly Timesheets to disappear or change to Single Time Activities. Yes Yes
Improved performance of internal browser on using QuickBooks with Internet Explorer 11 Yes Yes
Resolved issue that unexpectedly closed QuickBooks when trying to print, delete or email an unsaved invoice. Yes Yes Yes
“Mail through QuickBooks” option for sending emails with QuickBooks removed. Yes Yes Yes
Email template character limit increased from 2049 to 32000. Yes Yes Yes


Note that the automatic updates are available for only for QuickBooks Application only. For QuickBooks Server, user will have to download and install the updates manually. You can download the updates manually from the official website of Intuit, by following this LINK.

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