Intuit Releases QuickBooks 2015 – What You Need To Know?

Intuit announced QuickBooks 2015 Desktop available from September 22, 2014 – an enhanced version of QuickBooks 2014 with new and improved features. Intuit had made the changes to all versions of QuickBooks including QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Accountant and Enterprise Solutions.

Let’s see what is new in QuickBooks 2015. Note that the features we will discuss below may not apply to all.


Major General Changes

  1. Improved Income Tracker – Income Tracker introduced in QuickBooks 2014 allows you to see the status of your unbilled transactions. The improved Income Tracker in QB 2015 has a new option to add Time & Expenses Transactions to the money bar. This feature is included with all the versions of QuickBooks Desktop. This tab helps to identify the project time that is remaining to be billed and which clients have billable time that has not yet been invoiced.
  2. Pinned Notes – QuickBooks 2015 allows you to pin a note for a vendor or customer. Now there is no need to select the Notes tab to see any note.
  3. Multi-User Admin – Sometimes it is required to be in single user mode even if you’re in multi-user mode. QuickBooks 2015 allows admin user to see the logged-in users and terminate them even if they are working without saving the data.
  4. Flags on Billable Time and Costs – The billable time and costs feature let you know the job or customer you are creating sales receipt or an invoice for has outstanding billable expense, time or items. QuickBooks 2015 allows you to see previous entries in each tab (Time, Expenses, Mileage and Items) while adding newer ones.
  5. Insights – The Insight feature added to Homepage is available with all versions of QuickBooks 2015 desktop. It shows a snapshot of your client’s overall business health (A more concise and interactive snapshot).You can easily customize what information displays, view or print the selected information.
  6. Improved Registration Process – A minor change, you can paste the license number altogether without entering or typing one by one.
  7. Improved Look and Feel of Reminders Window – The reminder features lets you set up a reminder for something you need to do. QuickBooks 2015 reminder window has a new look and feel that is easy to understand and work with.
  8. Send Portable Company File – The portable company file is a compact version of your company file that can be sent via email. You can save it to portable media and send it to the others whenever needed.
  9. Improved Look and Feel of Report Screen – Intuit has improved the report layout in QuickBooks 2015 for all versions. Now reports in QuickBooks 2015 have a new, improved and easy to see appearance with additional features like annotate reports with comments.
  10. Send Multiple Reports – Now you can send multiple reports to your clients in an email through the send multiple report features introduced in QuickBooks 2015 for all versions.

Additional Changes Applicable To QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions –

  1. Disallow Negative Quantities – This feature will prevent any transaction that would fall in a negative quantity. In other words, you cannot use more inventory assembly item more than you have.
  2. Negative Item Listing – It’s a report that lists all the negative items you have. To use this feature choose Reports > Inventory > Negative Item Listing.
  3. Shortage Report for Manufacturing – This new feature will show you exactly which components you have, which are out of stock thus allows you to build the number of assemblies depending on the shortage.
  4. Total Columns and Sorting Columns on Forms – New features. You can subtotal items to show a subtotal of the price, quantity or any custom field. Also you can get the details on sort by column feature.
  5. QuickBooks Statement Writer – Not new, but improved. With QuickBooks Statement Writer you can create customized and GAAP compliant professional financial statements from QuickBooks data. It requires Microsoft Office Excel 2007 or 2010.

With these update Intuit has refined and improved QuickBooks based on the customer feedback to deliver ongoing value to all their QuickBooks versions. Intuit has made appealing changes to the QuickBooks and will have a big impact on the accounting and customer experience.

What are your thoughts about this? Please share with us in comments.

Note – These are all about to QuickBooks for Windows. These features apply to the QuickBooks for Windows U.S. edition.

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