Infrastructure as a Service – What’s In It For you? | Journey To The Cloud Video Series (Part 3)

In the previous videos of the series “Journey To The Cloud,” we got to know about cloud technology, the benefit it brings to businesses, and the different types of cloud.

In this video, Geni Whitehouse gives us a detailed explanation of Infrastructure as a Service and its deployment types – Public cloud, Private cloud, and Hybrid cloud.

Geni is a CPA, Keynote Presenter, co-founder of a bookkeeping business, and also a part-time winery consultant. She is the author of “How to Make a Boring Subject Interesting: 52 Ways Even A Nerd Can Be Heard” and was mentioned by Accounting Today as one of the top 100 most influential people in accounting in 2011. She was also named “One of the most powerful women in accounting” and one of the 25 thought leaders in the accounting profession by CPA Practice Advisor.

Let’s watch the video to know more-

Video Transcription:

Now that you understand the Infrastructure-as-a-Service model, let me give you a little bit more details on how that can be deployed differently. There are actually three typical deployment options.

The first is the public cloud that is typically the most economical way to go, but it also has some limitations. They are actually sharing resources across a set of servers, and you are getting access to the computing power you need as you need it.

On the private cloud, on the other hand, you have full control over the applications, your own device, you have a dedicated server, and a server farm facility but you can also control the security, the access to information, and you are also optimizing the computing power to meet the own specific requirements.

The third option is really a hybrid blend of those two options -some public access and some private access on the cloud. Of the three service models that we described, my bookkeeping company chose to go with the private cloud.

Let me tell you more about that. We use QuickBooks software online for remote accounting. I have a team of remote bookkeepers and a co-founder besides myself and some other folks of my team, and I needed to have my work papers in a centralized virtual server that would allow us to all access the data, and not just the data but the applications like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint that run that data.

So, we can actually work on the cloud in a secured, safe, and again, accessible environment. So, for us, the virtual private cloud is the right solution.

Let’s talk about responsibility. In the case where I run into a problem with my cloud, I need to know who to call and who to get help from. So it’s really important that I understand that the provider of my Infrastructure-as-a-Service understands not only my applications and my business requirements but also the infrastructure, the privacy, the security, and all those other things that are so important.

So, when I call them, and I have a particular problem, they can really help me figure out how to address it. In the next session, we will talk about how to go about actually choosing the right service provider who can help you meet your business and computing needs on the cloud.

Next Up

Choosing the right cloud deployment type is essential. However, to reap the full benefits of the cloud, it is equally important to choose the right cloud provider. In the next video, Geni discusses some vital parameters to choose the cloud provider for your business.

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