The term Big Data can be defined as a process where enormous chunks of statistics and results that are collected through various different platforms are accumulated and then screened together to gain valuable statistics and better aid to decision making in crunch situations. Big data from the time it came into existence, has not only redefined the cloud computing industry, but has also brought in various new cutting edge ideas that has the power of reshaping many industries over the years.

How Big Data Is Making Bigger Impact?

Big Data has brought in new dimensions in various fields with the help of enormous statistics that takes place within seconds. The power of knowing the world has gradually increased with the implementation of Big Data; it certainly has given better probabilities to so many different analytics. Big Data has that power of knowing it all but that magic has yet not been discovered clearly. There are various possibilities though.

Big Data in Sports Industry

The process of Big Data in sports is as old as all these sports activities are, the mere difference is that the term Big Data came into existence much later, though it was always there. From the time of Pele to David beck ham, the amount of data which existed was always huge, accumulating to 100s of terabytes. But what never existed was a way to store this enormous data under one roof. With much green and cost cutting technology now days, it is much affordable.

Not only does it stores the different forms of data together in a very formal way, but also makes it easy to collect stats evidently. What Big Data has done is that it has made the processes of sports simpler and decisive, these days with the help of Big Data technology umpires, coaches, referees and officials have a better way of approaching a situation on the basis of predefined statistics based on the Big Data. The most common example is the DRS technology that is used in cricket.

Big Data in Medical Industry

Big Data in medical field is very useful as it helps a doctor to understand his patients in a more uniformed way on the basis of their habits, behavior, reaction etc. which are recorded over a period of time. This with the help of Big Data gets transformed into real time statistics. Not only does it aids a doctors job but it also in fact delivers better results which ultimately leads to cost cutting.

Various hospitals around the world these days are accessing Big Data technology in order to achieve better and fast results. It has also revolutionized the core field of medical which is medicine, on the basis of huge sets of Big Data in medicine; it has been successfully decided as to what medicine will suit to a specific kind of disease. Moreover it helps doctors to increase their decision making when it comes to prescribing the accurate medicine to his patients.

Big Data in Retail Industry

Retail the backbone of most economies is a very powerful medium that can open different insights, from buying patterns to buying trends, to valuable items to satisfactory levels. Big Data in retail can be very helpful when it comes to cost cutting. There are various statistics that generate every second in the retail industry. Because of these vital statistics and scores, Big Data technology helps making these organizations and governments’ huge revenues.

Big Data has transformed the retail industry through the course of years, by deciding what’s right for the industry. It judges customer behavior, trends, buying habits, most valued products on the basis of buying trends etc. The Retail industry is all to be benefited By Big Data technology. It has already saved millions for many multinational corporations, by intelligently assuming the buying patterns and behavior of consumers. In this era where resources are depleting rapidly, Big Data can help managing them in a sustainable manner.


Big Data is a boon to the cloud computing industry as it makes the decision making very evident and cost cutting. It has the power to bring change to this world by introducing decisive ways of doing different processes and also can help bring order to many unnecessary processes.

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