How Can Big Data Help Solve Key Business Problems?

Big Data, not a new word for many, has almost changed the corporate scenario in recent times. Being the outburst of the digitized world, Big Data can be defined as the large volume of day-to-day company data that can be both structured as well as unstructured. Therefore, Big data can be described using three V’s consist-

  • Volume
  • Velocity
  • Variety
How Big Data Can Help Solve Key Business Problems?

Big Data is providing a solution to business problems. It gives the company a more economical way of dealing with machines and the people, as now the World Wide Web is being over flooded with extreme use of data each day, which results in the fact that the companies can’t anyhow blindly follow the obsolete method. Companies that realize the importance of Big Data and understand what Big Data and its potential have a competitive edge in the market.

Market Trends

As per the prediction by International Data Corporation (IDC), the Big Data market is set to grow from $189.1 billion in 2019 to $274.3 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate of 13.2%. This further implies that the need for Big Data tools and methodologies is increasing at a fast pace.

Here are three ways Big Data can help businesses in overcoming their major challenges:

1. Multiple Governance Processes

Companies that use Big Data automatically elevate their productivity and profit rates than the rest and make their recipe are a success. In Big Data analytics, there are multiple governance processes that are active simultaneously, rather than one central governance system in the traditional method. Each process is made to act as a solution to a specific business area, which adds efficiency and effectiveness to the whole management system.

Not only this, but the traditional supply chain application also doesn’t help today because of high volumes of data being generated now and then; it only helps in leveraging the transactional data.

2. Transformation in Customer Experiences

Just the price and the product do not differentiate a company today, but the customer satisfaction rate does. Irrespective of the price, the foremost priority of a company in this hyper-competitive world is a customer. With the help of Big Data, we can transform this customer experience and make it reach further heights. Content is increasing every second, and with this increase in content, it needs to be managed appropriately and formatted.

The present content management system can handle data formats but that to be on a low scale and gives the limited capability to content discovery. It leads to a need for Big Data, which not only enriches content discovery and development but also manages the content with the help of data visualization tools such as Tableau.

3. Quality Assurance

Big Data offers quality assurance and is an approach to overcome the quality challenges in the present scenario faced by many. 80% of data generated is unstructured that does not fit into any database format and considered of no use to the organization. Still, with Big Data coming to picture, the so-called unstructured data is being organized in a way it benefits the company. It stores every type of data, be it structured, unstructured, or semi-structured and makes use out of it.

Moreover, with real-time access to the information, the identification of any possible threats and monitoring of the workflow can be achieved conveniently.


One can very easily imply that Big Data will bring huge changes in the lives of people and also the business, solving the major issues of day-to-day lives. Therefore, it’s high time to adopt Big Data technology for the growth of the business.

How has Big Data changed the process of your business? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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  • Alice Torres says:

    Big data is changing the way organization can now work, it definitely has the impact on businesses all around the globe.

  • Dan Ciruli says:

    The thing that makes Big Data successful is not the way it works, but it is the technique with which it is implemented , so much of data classified and yet stats can be achieved out of that…amazing.

  • Aaron Bradley says:

    Now a days Big Data Technologies are becoming so relevant for businesses that cloud hosting applications are trying to bring in new ways of making customers believe in them.

    • AceCloudHosting Editor says:

      Key players in the market are trying very hard to impress their customers about Green Data Technology. Small little things can contribute largely in this cause.

  • Edward Coleman says:

    Previously cloud technology was limited to big organizations but with the emergence of new players in the market the industry has also grown to a huge margin.

  • Rajiv Raghavan says:

    Great to know that people are now shifting towards Big Data technology as it has the power of getting out the best possible ways of decision making process also enhancing it in a great way.

  • Felix Beier says:

    Big Data has the power of reshaping the way we think about something as it is based upon huge stats which are collected over a longer span of time.

  • Amit Sirohi says:

    According to me there are many ways of getting the correct decisions for your organization, big data is one of them. But the difference is that the decision that is taken by using Big Data technologies work for the organization in the longer run.

  • Wesley Chun says:

    Well definitely this technology is a great feature in today’s fast growing cloud industry. The idea is simple but very hard to implement.

  • Rajiv Raghavan says:

    Technically big data brings something new in the way organizations work and in the other fields like sports, it plays a role of the fourth umpire.

    • AceCloudHosting Editor says:

      The technology will certainly lead to many new innovations in the distant future. It is also very reliable and cost cutting.

  • Veeresh Malik says:

    It does bring in a different perspective all together, platforms like QuickBooks and Sage ERP are very good examples of that.

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