Last updated on January 16th, 2023

Big Data is much like an extra marital affair: everyone talks about it, but not many know how to pull it off, everyone knows that everyone they know is doing it, and so, eventually they join the bandwagon. Let us un-complicate this complex field of Big Data!
Big Data is the current buzzword in the worldwide technology domain. You can NOT have a Fortune 500 company without an exclusive Big Data Analytics team. Let’s build some momentum first!

What really is Big Data?

Have you ever wondered how in the world can data be deemed big? Well, the thing is that we’ve been dealing with large portions of data all our lives; we just didn’t know that this process has been christened as Big Data by the innovative minds of the 21st century. Big Data is an equivocal terms for a wide consolidated collection of data entities, so huge and complex, that their processing and analysis becomes highly cumbersome using conventional data processing techniques and applications.

Ever since the advent of the digital world, companies, organizations, and businesses across the world generate exabytes of data on a monthly basis.

Big Data, Small World!

For those of you who don’t know:

Exabyte = 10 raised to the power 18 = 1 Million TB = 1 Trillion GB

From our e-mail ids and passwords, to the photos that we upload, to the links that we share, to the notes that we make, to the daily tweets, to the Facebook status updates, to streaming Youtube videos, to listening and sharing of music, to e-commerce shopping, to random online surfing – every little thing on the internet can be translated into long strings of ones and zeros. The recording, analysis, storage, searching, sorting, capture, sharing, and the transfer of such high volume of data is what Big Data is all about.

Big data isn’t just big anymore. It’s frigging HUGE!!!!

So what exactly made Big Data bigger?

  • Our transient shift to a digital world
  • Influx of cutting edge technology
  • Advent of smart phones, tablets, and other similar gadgets
  • Surrender of obsolete data processing methods
  • Most importantly, is the result of the profit lust of every single company on the globe, which keeps on growing by the second

Would you freak out if I tell you that over 90% of the data currently breathing in the world, has originated in the recent few years only. This is a testament itself as to how far we’ve come, as people, as a species, which is looking to evolve every season.

Most of the data is hapless and unstructured. This is where Big Data Analytics enters the fray! Companies have now started to realize there is a massively humongous hidden potential in this pile of data. Hence, it is being processed, studied, analyzed, polished, and refurbished in all its glory for the sole purpose of limitless growth.

As when handled appropriately, this trivial or archival data can lead to:

  • Never before seen insights.
  • Growth Pattern formulations.
  • Business Optimization Strategies.
  • Introducing you to the ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of your Organization Graph – why it went up in the first three months of the fiscal year, and so on!.
  • Widening your knowledge horizon.
  • Power to figure out loopholes.
  • Bring about a positive transformation throughout the entire hierarchy of your company.

Fundamentally, we’re witnessing a shift in our problem solving approach. We’ve released ourselves from the chains of orthodox methods of hunches, guess-work and brainstorming, and humbly welcome dynamically concrete strategies which are centered on the study of data.

Data, in its entire entirety, is sheer evidence! It is only as potent as the insight we can grab from it. It can’t possibly process itself can it? It can only give us a path to follow, and the onus lies with us, for we hold all the cards.

After all that has been said and done, only a few of those juggernauts, who possess the innate capability of translating chunks of data into precious knowledge, will prevail and rule the world!

Ever heard anybody say ‘Google knows your girlfriend better than you do?’ The answer – Big Data!’, ‘Big Data, Small World!

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