Hosted QuickBooks: Tailored Infrastructure for On-Demand Usage

QuickBooks setup and installation methodologies have changed over the years, with various usage options available for accounting.

Being one of the highly usable accounting software in the business market today, QuickBooks is loved by accountants. But complexities come across when technical gaps play their roles.

Hosted QuickBooks: Tailored Infrastructure for On-Demand Usage

Setting up QuickBooks on local computers or on-premise servers is one possibility. But choosing cloud-hosted QuickBooks serves to be a more feasible option these days.

In fact, more CPAs prefer getting the QuickBooks hosted on the cloud and harness the advantages of cloud environment, which are detailed below –

1. Money Savings

It has been observed that the turnaround time in dealing with the system issues accounts for around 30% of the time invested in accounting.

To save time, effort, and loss of data updates, it is essential to hire a technical expert and get the issues resolved.

This adds up extra costs to be paid to manage the in-house IT infrastructure.

QuickBooks Hosting, on the other end, is a tech-savvy option for the small and medium scale accounting firms and CPAs.

The hired QB hosting service provider invests in maintaining servers within the data centers and offering customer support service whenever the need arises for his clients.

Thus, there is no need for CPAs to invest in maintaining the local IT infrastructure.

2. Flexibility to Do Work

QuickBooks hosting is an attractive option for accountants as it extends the capabilities of QuickBooks Desktop software. When backed by cloud hosting, users can access it and accounting data anytime and from anywhere.

This way, the limitations of working only in the office premises can be resolved, and users can go mobile to do their accounting tasks.

3. Seamless Collaboration Between Team Members

Besides, multi-user mode can function seamlessly with QuickBooks hosting services. Different QuickBooks users can access the same accounting files and work on the cloud at any time without the need to be present in the work premise.

4. Ease of Switching to The Cloud Environment

For accounting professionals who use the desktop version of QB, switching to cloud-hosted QuickBooks does not cause much trouble.

The cloud service provider you choose takes care of all the IT-related hassles, including installation, configuration, compatibility, and upgrades.

It helps in saving a lot of money that would otherwise be spent to set up and maintain the in-house infrastructure. It ensures that accountants have the required resources all the time without facing longer downtime.

Furthermore, the IT requirements in a cloud environment are easily scalable as per growing needs at a later point in time.

5. Higher Work Productivity

Hosting QuickBooks desktop on the cloud not only saves time and money, but it also simplifies the work done by accountants. All the accounting operations can be performed without having the need to stick to one’s desk or compromise with employee mobility.

As a result, work productivity improves, which is very important for a growing accounting business.

6. Ease of Scaling the Business

For CPAs and accounting firms, growth of business implies offering accounting services to more number of clients than ever before.

But at the technical side of the business, they also need to invest in the required IT infrastructure to support such plans of business growth.

Hosted QuickBooks can help them lower down the growth-related expense to a good extent. They do not need to increase in-house server specifications or hire more members in the IT support team.

As per the requirements, they can scale up their cloud hosting plan by just contacting the chosen cloud service provider about the same.

Similarly, they can scale their hosting plan down in non-tax season as well, if needed.

If you have any questions about hosted QuickBooks, call a solutions consultant at 855-362-3703 now.

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