QuickBooks Hosting – How Does It Help In Saving Your Time?

How Does It Help In Saving Your Time? A large number of accounting professionals use QuickBooks (Pro, Premier, Enterprise, or Accountant) depending on their requirement and accounting tasks. However, installing the QuickBooks software on the local system comes with certain limitations.

For starters, you cannot access the software from anywhere other than your local machine. If you want to access the data or make changes to a QB file, you must be present in front of the local system.

Secondly, there is no way of sharing your files with your colleagues and clients other than emails. This leads to long email threads and repetitive downloading of files.

Hosting QuickBooks on the cloud is a solution to all these issues. The cloud environment offers a flexible environment for accountants to work.

Let’s see how QuickBooks hosting streamlines the accounting workflow and helps in time management.

1. Comprehensive Features of QuickBooks Accounting Software

QuickBooks offers you advanced features that accelerate your accounting process and helps in efficient time management. From managing payroll, balance sheets, creating invoices, tracking inventory to monitoring cash flow, QuickBooks allows you to accomplish all your accounting tasks with ease.

Moreover, with QuickBooks hosting, you get the same user interface as the Desktop version which are already familiar with. So, you don’t have to spend time on learning the hosted QuickBooks version.

2. Collaborate with Your Colleagues

In the traditional scenario, where QuickBooks is hosted on the local infrastructure, the CPAs and accounting professionals have to share their files on emails or chats. This leads to multiple copies of the same files, where the user has to download the file repeatedly to make changes to it.

A simple solution to it is QuickBooks Hosting. On the cloud platform, the accounting professionals can view and share the QuickBooks files in real-time. They can also edit the same QB file simultaneously, which prevents multiple copies of the file.

The accountants can also keep their clients updated by providing them access to the data and files on the cloud platform. Collaborating on the cloud platform saves the time of both accountants and their clients.

3. Get All Apps in One Place

There are various third-party apps (add-ons) available in the market to make your life easier as an accountant. These third-party add-ons integrate with QuickBooks and perform additional tasks like file conversion, e-commerce platform, time tracking, etc.

However, when your QuickBooks is installed on the local system, the hardware restrictions and compatibility issues do not allow these add-ons to integrate easily.

QuickBooks cloud hosting allows the integration of any number of add-ons with all the versions of QuickBooks software. Hence, you get all the tools you need on the cloud, streamlining your process, and optimizing your time.

4. Work from Anywhere and Anytime

As a CPA, you need to handle multiple tasks on a daily basis. Any little time you can save affects your productivity in a positive way. A lot of this time gets utilized in commuting to the office daily.

Moreover, you must also attend meetings or travel to other places in order to attend seminars or accounting conferences. QuickBooks, when installed on the local system, can be accessed from the office only. Hence, if you are out of the office, your accounting process gets hampered significantly.

Hosted QuickBooks gives you the ability to access the accounting software and data from anywhere with the help of Internet-enabled devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Hence, you can keep track of your accounting process while traveling, or even at home.

5. Bulk Printing of Invoices and Emails Online

With the help of QuickBooks, it now becomes possible to generate and print multiple invoices of multiple customers at one time. Hosting server can also be used to set up your printer.

Through certain remote server settings, provisioning a print from your remote server to your printer is easy. This saves the time in first downloading the various invoices to your local system and then taking the print.

6. No More Troubleshooting of IT Issues

A large amount of time is consumed in finding the root cause of the problem in some technical issues. It is not easy for small and medium businesses to recruit an IT team to troubleshoot the hardware issues as it costs a considerable amount of revenue and efforts.

With QuickBooks Cloud solution, you get managed hosting services. The service provider takes the responsibility of maintaining, upgrading, and configuring the IT infrastructure. Most providers offer round-the-clock support so you can contact them any time.

Accomplish Your Tasks in Time

With QuickBooks hosting, you get a unified platform to store all your data and applications. Since the cloud environment is highly flexible, you have to rarely worry about the hardware issues that can take a lot of our time. Moreover, as you can work from your home on holidays or even during sick days, productivity does not get hampered.

Most QuickBooks hosting service providers offer you a free trial before choosing their services. Hence, you can try QuickBooks on the cloud and experience the difference in performance yourself. Time is money and it becomes more important in such a competitive age as today. Thus, using the time-saving QuickBooks hosting is more of a professional necessity.

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