[Webinar] Manage Your Inventory By Hosting HandiFox with Ace Cloud Hosting

While many industries are struggling to manage extra inventory due to sudden unannounced coronavirus pandemic, others are trying hard not to give up their inventory and sales processes.

This pandemic has served as an eye-opener to most of the businesses. Running a business needs a more efficient formulation of strategies, especially when companies depend on numbers. Such a scenario lies in inventory-intensive sectors, where one cannot afford to juggle between the chain of errors while entering data.


What if the operations fail due to just a minor manual error? Or those numbers that we depend on leads to our stock management and control? Everything might go in vain within just a blink of an eye.

To keep the business running, retailers and many industries are seeking the strategies to manage the inventory in the best way possible and also track the inventory at the same time. They are finding out the models of crisis prevention and management to keep up with the stock.

Well, yes. Such inventory tracking accessibility from anywhere at any time is possible. And this is the agenda of our upcoming webinar, “Manage Your Inventory By Hosting HandiFox with Ace Cloud Hosting”, where HandIFox and Ace Cloud Hosting will jointly offer solutions that can help resolve inventory management-related issues.

Since HandiFox offers inventory control and mobile sales management to inventory-centric small and medium-sized businesses, such as retail, wholesale distribution and manufacturing, customers attending this webinar will be made familiar with multi-user anytime anywhere access to their accounting and inventory needs, and how to keep them in sync.

On the other hand, Ace Cloud Hosting is a renowned name in the field of offering cloud hosting solutions to diverse industries like retail, construction, manufacturing, and many more. You can reap the benefits of cloud hosting such as collaboration from anywhere at any time, automated data backups, high-level security, business continuity with 99.99% uptime, on-demand scalability, and much more.

Altogether, attendees will get a clear direction on “how to manage inventory by hosting HandiFox with Ace Cloud Hosting”.

This webinar will be assisted by:

  • Ruslan Belov (Key Account Manager, HandiFox), who will demonstrate HandiFox inventory control and sales management solution, and
  • Mohit Kaul (Sr. Solutions Consultant, Ace Cloud Hosting), who will uncover what it’s like to have a centralized database on a unified cloud platform to manage QuickBooks accounting and inventory.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The challenges inventory-specific businesses face and what solutions HandiFox offers to meet their needs and manage basic and advanced inventory.
  • The IT challenges business face and how Ace Cloud Hosting can help.
  • How HandiFox and Ace Cloud Hosting will work in tandem to resolve inventory management-related issues.

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On the weekend, you will find her hanging out with her family or surfing around the North Shore of Oahu.

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