Manage Your Inventory By Hosting HandiFox with Ace Cloud Hosting


With this COVID-19 pandemic, the certainty of normalization of the business process remains doubtful. Thus, the companies have started formulating ways to make improvements in their operations and foster automation into their tasks such as inventory management. The unpredictability of this situation requires smart strategy implementation as companies cannot afford even minor errors associated with inventory and stock management.

Ace Cloud Hosting and HandiFox together bring a webinar that will provide valuable solutions to the companies that need to work remotely during the pandemic and to help them continue with inventory and stock processes.

Since HandiFox provides mobile solutions for stock control, and Ace Cloud Hosting offers cloud solutions for managing those stocks and inventory, find out how they can help in remote stock control together.

In this free webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The challenges inventory-specific businesses face and what solutions HandiFox offers to meet their needs and manage basic and advanced inventory.
  • The IT challenges business face and how Ace Cloud Hosting can help.
  • How HandiFox and Ace Cloud Hosting will work in tandem to resolve inventory management-related issues.


Ruslan Belov

Key Account Manager, HandiFox

Mohit Kaul

Sr. Solutions Consultant, Ace Cloud Hosting


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