21 Gift Ideas for Accountants and CPAs

Since the tax season just ended pro and with the upcoming National Accounting Day on May 19th, Financial firms must recognize the unsung tax-saving heroes: CPAs and Accountants deserve an appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

Whether you are looking for a gift for a colleague, friend, or family member who works in the accounting field, finding something meaningful and tailored to their interests can leave a lasting impression.

Gifting should depend on the interests, hobbies and personal likings of an individual. Most accountants and CPAs are excellent with numbers, have good money management skills, and have a keen eye for detail; keeping these qualities in mind, gifts should be chosen accordingly.

Here are some personalized gift ideas to keep the enthusiasm of your accountant high.

Unique Gifts Ideas for Accountant and CPA

#1. Digital Calculators

digital calculator

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Calculators are the most common yet the most helpful and good gift for accountants you can give to any accountant, bookkeeper or CPA. High-quality digital calculators with advanced functionality that improve their effectiveness when crunching numbers.

Look for calculators with features like a wide display, ergonomic design, and programmable keys. BA II Plus and HP 10BII+ are smart calculators with built-in futuristic technology that you can gift to your accountant this season.

#2. Coffee Mug

Accounting is a tiring job that requires a lot of caffeine to stay fresh and coffee mug would be one of best gifts of accountants. Gifting them a personalized stylish mug with clever accounting puns like “The world’s most Okayest CPAS,” and “Freak in the sheets,” mug on it to keep their day happier and fresh.

#3. Laptop Bags

A stylish laptop bag adds to the style of accountants, keeping them more organized and making it a practical gift. A spacious tote bag for female colleagues could be a great gift. Laptop bags under budget start from 14.99$ like Lacdo 360, to high-end expensive bags going up to 180$ like Urth Norite.

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#4. Accounting-related Artwork


Image Source: Amazon

Add workspace art that celebrates their work, featuring motivational posters, custom artwork, and minimalistic decor to add personality to their working space. A wall clock with the caption “There’s no crying during tax season” would be great office decor.

#5. Desk Organizer

Accountants & CPAs usually have excellent organizational skills; with a sleek desk organizer, you can help them maintain a neat and organized workstation. A Wooden Desk Organizer with multiple compartments can make their workflow more efficient and make the office look more organized & aesthetically pleasing.

#6. Personalized Tabletop


Source: Amazon

A cute bobblehead would be a fun gift full of puns and keep your accountant in a good mood. Even personalized keychains, mousepads, and pens with animated pictures and their name would be valuable gifts for CPAs.

#7. A Stress Buster Ball

A stress buster ball can be an excellent gift to relieve all the work stress and anger during accounting and tax work. Stress busters such as punch bags and rising stress balls are available online.

#8. QuickBooks Hosting Subscription

Give the accountant in your life the gift of efficiency and flexibility with cloud hosted QuickBooks. This cloud-based solution allows accountants to access their accounting software from anywhere, anytime, ensuring seamless workflow management.

With features like invoicing, expense tracking, and robust security measures, QuickBooks Hosting is the perfect gift for enhancing productivity and peace of mind.

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#9. Financial Planner


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Give them a chic financial planner to keep them on track with deadlines and organized in their personal and professional lives.

#10. A Portable Charging Bank

An excellent portable charger guarantees they never run out of power when traveling. It’s a useful gift to sustain mobile batteries during demanding workdays, making them more available for clients.

#11. Desk Chair

Desk Chair

Source: Amazon

A good chair is designed to be both comfortable and productive. It can have padded armrests, adjustable lumbar support, and a ventilated mesh back to keep your accountant team cool while crunching numbers for extended periods. Keeping a good chair in your workspace makes it more comfortable and fashionable.

#12. Noise Cancellation Headphones

Accounting professionals need to avoid distractions in busy office settings. A good pair of noise-cancellation earphones increases productivity during crucial tasks like financial analysis or audits by providing an uninterrupted state of attention.

#13. Magazine Subscription

A subscription to weekly or monthly financial magazines ensures accountants have access to insightful articles, case studies, and financial insights, updated & informed about the latest trends in the accounting field, as well as coming up with better strategies. Accounting Today, CPA Trend Line, Wall Street Journal, and The Financial Times have monthly subscriptions starting from as low as $15 per month.

#14. Fitness Tracker

Fitness Tracker

Source: Amazon

Boost their health and productivity by gifting them a sleek fitness tracker. They can monitor their step count to heart rate, keeping their health and well-being on track. A good fitness tracker will motivate them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Various options are available online, starting from just $19 to an Apple watch of $300.

#15. Assorted Gift Baskets

Gift your accountant a customized gift basket from luxury products like a connection of premium chocolates and self-grooming essentials that rejuvenate and relax them.

#16. Bottle of Their Favorite Wine

Gifting anyone their favorite drink is always a good option. Choose a wine that matches their taste and personality, from sparkling white to rose. With every glass they’ll pour, they’ll remember you fondly.

Gift Ideas for Accountant & Their Family

#17. An Accounting Course

Invest in your soon-to-be CPA family members by enrolling them in a professional development course in accounting and finance. There are multiple courses in Advanced Excel, QuickBooks Training, compliance training courses, and certified fraud examiner courses.

#18. Board Games

Board Games

Source: Amazon

Financial board games like Monopoly, the Game of Life, Charge Life, and other money-related games can be thoughtful gifts to your accountant friends and their family members.

#19. Good Books

Financial Book

Source: Amazon

Gifting books like “Financial Shenanigans” by Howard Schilit and Jeremy Perler “The Accounting Game: Basic Accounting, Fresh from the Lemonade Stand” by Darrell Mullis and Judith Orloff are some of the books that can ignite inspiration and enthusiasm.

#20. Coffee Membership

Giving them a delightful method to refresh and rejuvenate themselves from a hard-working schedule. Whatever brew they prefer, they’ll have unlimited access to their favorite drink.

#21. A Luxury Getaway

Gift your hard-working CPAs & accountant family members a luxury getaway, especially after a hectic closing season. They deserve to treat themselves to a good experience after spending so many late nights filing tax returns and managing budgets.

Remember, gift-giving is an art, a language filled with appreciation, love, and emotions.

A thoughtful gift is always valued and treasured fondly!

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