Why Is Cloud Backup Important In QuickBooks Hosting?

Since the advent of cloud technology, every industry around the globe is utilizing its functionalities and benefiting from it. According to Gartner, there will be an 17% increase in the public cloud services market in 2020.

Why Is Cloud Backup Important In QuickBooks Hosting?The accounting industry has slowly but surely jumped on the bandwagon that is cloud. The most preferred accounting softwarefor the accountants, QuickBooks Desktop, can be hosted on the cloud, making the accounting process more flexible while reducing capital and operational costs.

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However, among the several features that the cloud offers, one of the most critical is cloud backup. Among the various renowned QuickBooks hosting providers in the market, the one that offers a robust backup solution should be your primary choice.

Here are some aspects of cloud backup in QuickBooks hosting that you, as an accountant, should know before moving to the cloud.

1. Automation

The process of backing up QuickBooks data manually leads to additional time and effort. Moreover, it can also result in errors as you can copy the wrong or incomplete version of files in the backup server.

However, with QuickBooks on the cloud,the service providers deploy automated backup solutions. A time is set up for backup during which the data is automatically copied from the main cloud server to the backup servers. You do not even realize that the backup is in progress as it has no effect on the functioning of QuickBooks.

2. Security

Securing the QuickBooks company file is as essential to accountants as the accounting process itself. Their credibility and reputation in the market depend on how secure they can keep the clients’ data.

While backing-up data on the local server(s) involves a plethora of risks related to hardware, cyber threats such as ransomware, and local events, QuickBooks hosting offers a more secure option. The providers ensure that the data is stored in a multi-redundant hardware setup, where the backup is taken in multiple servers to ensure total protection. Moreover, the data is encrypted to prevent it from cyberthreats.

3. No Storage Restrictions

One of the primary considerations when deciding to setup a backup server(s) at your local premises is the amount of storage required. Moreover, as your business grows with time, the amount of accounting data increases. Hence, you need to set up more servers, adding to both costs and efforts.

With QuickBooks hosting, there is no storage restriction. As the amount of data increases, the cloud hosting providers can scale your accounting process to the required level. Most cloud providers automate the scaling process and charge you for the storage you utilize, on a monthly or annual basis.

4. Disaster Recovery

The primary objective of keeping a backup of QuickBooks data on external storage devices is to avoid losing it in case the main server/system fails. However, what if your entire location falls victim to a disaster like a fire or an earthquake. In that case, the complete IT infrastructure goes down, including the backup servers.

QuickBooks on cloud offers a solution for the protection of accounting data in the case of disasters. The cloud hosting providers replicate the entire accounting process, i.e., the QuickBooks Desktop software, accounting data, and all other applications on data centers that are geographically separated from each other. Hence, even if one data center becomes non-functional due to disaster, you can continue working on your QuickBooks at another.

5. No Added Expenses

As a CPA firm, having a non-premise infrastructural setup comes with significant budget considerations. Add to it the extra cost incurred due to the backup server(s) need for QuickBooks data. Any new piece of hardware in your location means not only bigger office space but also the requirement of more power and equipment. Moreover, the obvious cost of purchasing and maintaining the backup server(s) that is associated with every hardware makes a huge dent in your revenue.

With QuickBooks hosting, all the mentioned costs become negligible. Since the entire IT infrastructure and process is outsourced to the cloud service provider, you do not need to worry about the underlying costs. Hence, it leads to significant savings with regards to purchasing and maintaining the server.

6. Remote Accessibility

The primary purpose of having a QuickBooks backup is that you should be able to recover and access lost data in the case of issues like accidental deletion. However, this is not possible when the backup server is set up in the local premises.

QuickBooks on cloud allows you the ability to recover your files in real-time. You can access the files lost by conveniently accessing the backup server through your smartphones, laptops, or tablets, from any location, any time.

7. Customer Support

Whenever physical hardware is concerned, a skilled IT team is required to handle the major and minor issues. In the case of the on-premise backup server as well, the local IT team is responsible for troubleshoot issues. This not only leads to the extra efforts required to handle the additional workforce but also expenses.

However, when you decide to opt for QuickBooks cloud hosting, the service provider offers round-the-clock support for all the IT-related issues. In fact, the level of customer support is a distinguishing factor between the average and the best cloud providers. A reliable cloud provider can be contacted any time (even on holidays) through platforms like call, chat, email, or social media.

Final Note

QuickBooks hosting is a complete solution for all your backup problems. You can store your QuickBooks data on the cloud for any period of time. You do not need to worry about purchasing additional backup servers on your premises as your business grows. Moreover, all your IT-related issues are the responsibility of the cloud provider.

Hence, with QuickBooks hosting, you not only save revenue, time, and efforts but also get an advanced backup solution.

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    Hi, Nice article! With so many advancements in technology, creating a backup of all accounting data is absolutely crucial to protect it from cyber-attacks. I, too, use cloud backup services for my data and would recommend to all business owners.

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