How QuickBooks Hosting Can Help Increase Billable Hours Of Your Accounting Firm

QuickBooks (QB), one of the most versatile accounting software in the world, helps small and medium businesses accomplish tasks like invoicing, billing, payments, payroll, and inventory, among others.

The accountants use QuickBooks to manage their clients’ finances efficiently. However, QuickBooks, when installed on the local system, pose some limitations. These limitations can be related to the local hardware, or the supported IT infrastructure.

The accountants need to spend time to take care of the IT-related issues, which they would otherwise utilize in serving the clients. The more time spend on these issues, the less the billable hours. Hence, a solution is needed where the accounting firms can focus solely on accomplishing their tasks, without worrying about the underlying hardware setup.

Cloud technology comes to the rescue in this regard. Cloud service providers offer accounting firms with the type of flexibility, mobility, and support they need to reduce the time spent on IT operations. So, they can focus whole-heartedly on their accounting.

Here are some factors that will explain how QuickBooks Hosting can help you increase your billable hours.

1. Mobility

In this global market, the clients want their accountants to be at their beck and call. However, it is not practically possible as the accountants have to accomplish other personal or professional tasks, other than accounting.

It could be anything from a doctor’s appointment to attending a seminar in a remote location. Moreover, there is a considerable amount of time spent on traveling and other unproductive tasks.

When your QuickBooks is installed on the local systems, accounting tasks can be accomplished only while in the office. This reduces the billable hours to a minimum as there is limited time to serve clients. You can put extra hours at the office, but at the cost of your mental and physical health.

QuickBooks hosting offers you a flexible solution to this problem. With QuickBooks on cloud, you can access the accounting applications and data at all times from any remote location. The CPAs can keep track of their client’s accounts, even when in a remote location, and assist them with their queries. The clients can be billed accordingly.

2. High Availability

Nowadays, there is an incomparable dependency on technology in the field of accounting. The entire accounting process can be carried out with the help of accounting software such a QuickBooks.

Hence, it is imperative that the QuickBooks is always functional, and you are able to access it in any case. The unavailability of QuickBooks software and data due to any reason can result in loss of productivity and, hence, billing hours.

The cloud hosting providers ensure that your QuickBooks software is always up and running. The renowned ones guarantee an uptime of about 99.99%, which means that your accounting process is available throughout the year. This is achieved with the help of High-Performance Computing (HPC) servers and redundant infrastructure in the data center.

The accountants can rest assured that their QuickBooks when on the cloud, will be available to them whenever needed.

3. Customer Support

In an on-premise setup, there are numerous IT issues that the accountants have to encounter on a daily basis. Sometimes, a piece of hardware like hard drives or RAM crashes. Another time, there is an issue with the operating system.

For these issues, the accounting firms deploy a dedicated IT team in their offices. However, deploying an IT team calls for a significant amount of time and effort on your end. Moreover, you also need to make sure that the IT team is highly skilled in performing their tasks.

With QuickBooks hosting, you do not have to worry about all these challenges. The cloud services providers have a dedicated team to their own that look after all your hosting-related issues. Hence, if a piece of hardware malfunction and needs to be replaced, it is done at their end, without you even knowing about it.

Moreover, if you want to upgrade the server resources, all you need to do is raise a request, and the cloud service providers will do that for you. Any issue is resolved timely by the cloud experts, who you can contact through phone, chat, or email. This helps you focus more on your clients and save billable hours.

4. Add-on Integration

Apart from accounting tasks, an accounting process comprise of other complementary functions. It can be anything from evaluating the productivity of accountants to filing taxes. To accomplish these tasks, you must be using some third-party add-ons that integrate with QuickBooks and offer you with a complete accounting solution.

However, the on-premise setup does not allow the integration of some of these add-ons due to limited hardware resources.

In the case of QuickBooks hosting, however, any number of add-ons can be integrated with your QuickBooks software. This is possible because the cloud hosting providers offer you the option of scaling the server resources as per your requirement.

The integration of add-ons with QuickBooks optimizes the synchronization between different business functions, saving you more time for billable hours.

5. Collaboration

Another way of saving you precious time that could be utilized as billable hours is increasing collaboration among the accounting team and with clients. When it comes to saving precious billable hours, you first need to smoothen the flow of information inside the accounting firm.

When using QuickBooks on the local systems, the accountants need to send this data through emails or USB flash drives. It also leads to the multi-versioning of files as they need to be downloaded and uploaded multiple times. Since the software is installed in your local system, nobody else can access the files, even if you want them to.

However, with QuickBooks Hosting, multiple users can access the accounting application and data on the common cloud platform. Your entire accounting team can share, view, and edit the same QuickBooks files simultaneously. It eliminates multiple data entries and reduces the chances of error.

Unprecedented collaboration on the cloud helps you save time, which can be utilized as billable hours.

Fewer Hassles Equals More Billable Hours

QuickBooks cloud hosting offers you an advanced solution that helps you automate menial tasks and eliminate errors. The cloud hosting providers handle all the issues related to the underlying hardware infrastructure like setup, maintenance, and upgrades.

Once you are free from all these issues, you can give more time to the clients, automatically increasing your billable hours.

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