4 Benefits of Integrating QuickBooks Time with QuickBooks

Do you spend hours banging your head while entering timesheet data manually? Gone are those days. In 2017, Intuit acquired the time tracking company, QuickBooks Time. QuickBooks Time, the game-changer in time tracking, can now be easily integrated with QuickBooks. You can track each employee, customer, and project’s time in QuickBooks Time. You can also sync the working hours easily into your QuickBooks and process payroll.

4 Benefits of Integrating QuickBooks Time with QuickBooks

What does this mean? Will the integration become smoother? Will the working of the two systems, when combined, become more streamlined? Will the payroll processing be done in minutes? The answer to all these questions is – Yes. QuickBooks Time is now a native app of QuickBooks, offering a hassle-free experience to the users.

How Does QuickBooks Time Help?

QuickBooks Time helps you in your business when it comes to time tracking and automating data entry. It offers multiple ways to clock in and out using a smartphone, desktop, or laptop – the users have access to mobile apps (iPhone and Android), dial-in, and text messaging. By using these software apps, managers can create groups of employees and track the timings of the entire team at once.

Wish to monitor time against jobs and customers? Your employees check their performance and track the time against specific tasks and customers, giving them a real-time transparent look at the business processes. QuickBooks Time seamlessly integrates with most accounting software such as QuickBooks, further increasing the efficiency of the accounting and payroll processes.

Some of the basic features include:

  • Check who is working currently, using the ‘Who’s Working’ feature
  • Send accurate invoices
  • Real-time reporting
  • Managers can use mobile apps to track their team from the field
  • Generate advanced reports
  • Records of billable time
  • Users have the desired flexibility using mobile apps
  • Track time across multiple devices
  • Receive overtime notifications and alerts
  • Seamless QuickBooks integration

Benefits of Integration of QuickBooks Time with QuickBooks

QuickBooks Time can be easily integrated with QuickBooks by a couple of mouse clicks. Below are some of the benefits offered by this integration.

1. Time Tracking

The integration of QuickBooks Time with QuickBooks allows syncing of customer addresses, empowering the employees to clock into jobs based on their proximity to the job site. All you need to do is add the customer information in QuickBooks, and after syncing the data, the same will appear in QuickBooks Time.

When your employees reach the job site, the mobile apps will detect their location, and they will be able to clock in. There’s no need to sort through a long list of customers to clock in.

2. Payroll Management

Managing the payroll is now easier than ever using QuickBooks Time in QuickBooks. The two solutions run as one and provide the users with a single interface to track holidays and leaves, working hours, overtime, and other details. These details sync with QuickBooks and minimize the payroll processing time. Also, the chances of duplicate manual entries are decreased to zero.

3. Approvals

Employers and managers have full control over the time and hours entered by the employees. They have access to the data and can approve or reject time before it goes into payroll. There’s another feature that makes it easy to remind employees to clock in and clock out.

4. Reports

With QuickBooks Time directly integrated into QuickBooks, you can generate accurate real-time reports. View an individual’s performance on a project or gain insight into the tasks which took the longest. This will allow you to come across trends in which employees spend their time, helping you make well-informed decisions.

Closing Thoughts

The integration of QuickBooks and QuickBooks Time takes time tracking and payroll management to a whole new level. You get a complete business solution, where you can accomplish all the accounting tasks, along with seamlessly managing your employees.

If you wish to know how it can help your business, get in touch with our Solutions Consultant at 855-622-8313.

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