8 Time Tracking Apps to Integrate with QuickBooks in 2024

Accounting firms are pouring several dollars into factoring analytics, artificial intelligence, and other technologies with QuickBooks. However, they are undermining the most important aspect – time tracking.

Effective time tracking is a crucial element of accounting firm management. This is why new-age time-tracking applications have become increasingly important to the industry. QuickBooks time tracking brings overarching business benefits.

Integrating with QuickBooks time tracking apps can help you in monitoring the time spent on each project.

What are the Benefits of QuickBooks Time Tracking Apps?

  • QuickBooks time tracking apps have revolutionized the way businesses manage their time-tracking processes. These apps offer several real-world business benefits, including increased productivity, streamlined operations, and improved financial management.
  • With QuickBooks time tracking apps integration, businesses can easily track employee hours, manage time-off requests, and generate accurate payroll reports. This not only saves time, but also reduces errors and ensures employees are paid correctly and on time.
  • Another benefit of using QuickBooks time tracking apps is improved operational efficiency. These apps seamlessly integrate with other QuickBooks tools, like invoicing and accounting software, allowing businesses to manage their entire financial workflow from a single platform. This reduces the need for manual data entry and eliminates the risk of errors.
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Best Time Tracking Integrations with QuickBooks 2024

Here are some of the best QuickBooks time tracking apps in 2024:

1. TSheets

TSheets is a highly efficient time-tracking software that offers seamless integration with all QuickBooks versions. Whether you are using QuickBooks Online or Desktop, TSheets imports all employee time data into QuickBooks with just one click. This impressive functionality not only simplifies the payroll process but ensures the accuracy of employee paychecks while saving businesses valuable time and effort.

Another noteworthy feature that sets TSheets apart from other time-tracking solutions is its ease of use. With its user-friendly interface, employees can easily clock in, take breaks, and clock out with just a few clicks from their desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Furthermore, TSheets provides an innovative GPS tracking option that allows you to keep tabs on your team’s locations and track work hours in real-time, ensuring accountability and compliance.

A major benefit of TSheets is the flexibility that it offers to businesses of all sizes. Whether running a small business or a large enterprise, the software has customizable features and scalable options that cater to the unique needs of each organization. This flexibility also stretches to integrating with various accounting and payroll software, providing seamless cross-functionality that supports a hassle-free management process.

Featured industriesConstruction, Field Services, Healthcare, Professional Services
Best forSmall to Medium-sized businesses, Mobile workforces
Free trialAvailable
Available inQuickBooks Desktop Cloud
G2 rating4.5 out of 5

2. Buddy Punch

The tool is designed to automate the QuickBooks time tracking process which saves both time and money for business owners. It is a cloud-based system, which means users can access it from anywhere and at any time. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses that have employees working remotely.

The software has a user-friendly interface that enables employees to clock-in and clock-out with just a few clicks. It also allows them to track their breaks, time-offs, and overtime hours. This information is automatically synced with QuickBooks, which means payroll processing is simplified and errors are minimized.

Buddy Punch is more than just a simple time tracking tool. It is a powerful software that comes with advanced features such as geofencing, facial recognition, and mobile app capabilities. Geofencing allows users to set boundaries around a particular location and receive alerts whenever employees enter or exit that area. Facial recognition ensures that only authorized individuals can access the system, and the mobile app enables users to track time on-the-go.

Featured industriesConstruction, Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality
Best forSmall to Medium-sized businesses
Free trialAvailable
Available inQuickBooks Application Cloud
G2 rating4.6 out of 5
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3. ClickTime

ClickTime is a cloud-based QB time tracking software for efficient and streamlined financial management. With QuickBooks acting as the financial hub for managing expenses and invoicing, ClickTime complements it by providing a reliable and accurate system for monitoring work hours, project progress, and resource allocation.

The integration of ClickTime with QuickBooks significantly minimizes manual data entry and streamlines the reconciliation of financial records, reducing errors and saving time. Employers can easily track employee hours, calculate overtime, approve timesheets, and submit them for payroll processing with minimal effort.

Aside from tracking and managing hours, ClickTime offers budgeting and forecasting capabilities that help project managers monitor costs and understand projected outcomes. As such, ClickTime seamlessly fits within QuickBooks’ accounting system, meeting small and medium-sized business needs for effective financial tracking and project management.

Overall, with ClickTime and QuickBooks in tandem, businesses gain greater visibility into their operations, boost efficiency, cut down on administrative tasks, and free up time to focus on key business priorities.

Featured industriesProfessional Services, IT Services, Marketing, Consulting
Best forSmall to Medium-sized businesses, Project-based teams
Free trialAvailable
Available inQuickbooks Hosting
G2 rating4.3 out of 5

4. MinuteDock

MinuteDock provides businesses with an easy way to track time spent on different projects, tasks, and clients. Its time entries can be easily imported into QuickBooks. This means that businesses can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on other important aspects of their business.

MinuteDock automatically bills clients based on the actual time worked on a project, which helps them avoid any disputes or misunderstandings that may arise due to billing discrepancies.

FoundedNot available
Featured industriesNot specified
Best forService-based businesses, Freelancers
Free trialAvailable
Available inQuickbooks Hosting
G2 ratingNot available

5. eBillity

Not only does eBillity offer exceptional functionality and ease of use, but it also boasts a range of powerful features. These include support for multiple billing rates, customizable invoicing templates, automated reminders for clients, and real-time reporting and analytics. Furthermore, eBillity’s robust security measures ensure that all data remains secure and confidential.

With its rock-solid integration with QuickBooks and wealth of features, eBillity is a must-have for any business looking to streamline their time tracking and invoicing processes.

Featured industriesLegal, Accounting, Professional Services
Best forSmall to Medium-sized businesses, Remote teams
Free trialAvailable
Available inACE QuickBooks Hosting
G2 rating4.4 out of 5
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6. BigTime

BigTime caters to a wide range of industries, from marketing agencies and law firms to healthcare facilities and financial institutions. BigTime’s integration with QuickBooks provides an added advantage as it allows users to effortlessly track their business expenses and sync them with their accounting software. Its integration with QuickBooks and mobile apps integration makes it a convenient and practical choice for businesses looking to streamline their time and expense tracking.

A crucial feature that makes BigTime stand out is its mobile app, which allows users to track their time and expenses on the go, ensuring that no billable hours or expenses go unaccounted for. The app also provides seamless time and expense approval, making it easy for managers to review and approve entries.

Featured industriesAccounting, Architecture, Engineering, Consulting
Best forProfessional Services, Project-based businesses
Free trialAvailable
Available in Lacerte Tax Hosting 
G2 rating4.3 out of 5

7. Avaza

Avaza’s user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation allow users to get up and run quickly. It is an exceptional tool for managing time and enhancing productivity. Its robust reporting capabilities ensure that businesses have the insights to make data-driven decisions. Moreover, it is customizable. This time tracking software is also mobile-friendly. Overall, Avaza can help businesses of all sizes improve collaboration, boost productivity, and streamline their workflows.

Featured industriesProfessional Services, IT Services, Marketing, Consulting
Best forSmall to Medium-sized businesses, Freelancers
Free trialAvailable
Available inQuickBooks Enterprise Hosting
G2 rating4.4 out of 5

8. Hours Logger

As a professional time, tracking software, HoursLogger guarantees precise and efficient tracking of billable hours for the users. It offers a user-friendly interface that streamlines the process of time management and provides insights into fruitful work sessions.

HoursLogger ensures that all billable hours are recorded precisely and accurately, allowing users to generate invoices and get paid on time.

FoundedNot available
Featured industriesNot specified
Best forTime tracking for individuals and teams
Free trialAvailable
Available inQB Hosting
G2 ratingNot available

Are You Prepared to Streamline Your QuickBooks Time Tracking?

QuickBooks integration with these time-tracking tools is a vital step towards efficient project management. Many of these QuickBooks time tracking applications allow the setup of project schedules and track and monitor the time spent on each project accurately.

This presents a significant opportunity for accounting firms to improve their services and enhance their transparency to clients. With the right implementation and training, accounting firms can streamline their operations, improve their billing accuracy, and boost their client satisfaction levels.


Q: What is the purpose of integrating time tracking apps with QuickBooks?

Integrating time tracking apps with QuickBooks allows for seamless synchronization of data, enabling accurate tracking of employee hours, simplified payroll processing, and streamlined invoicing.

Q: How do I integrate a time tracking app with QuickBooks?

Each time tracking app may have its own integration process, but generally, it involves connecting the app to your QuickBooks account using API credentials or through an integration plugin provided by the app. Detailed integration instructions can be found in the app’s documentation or support resources.

Q: Can I track employee hours and sync them with QuickBooks using these apps?

Absolutely! The featured time tracking apps offer robust functionality to track employee hours, assign projects, and categorize tasks. They seamlessly sync this data with QuickBooks, ensuring accurate records for payroll and billing purposes.

Q: Are these time tracking apps compatible with both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop versions?

Yes, most of these apps are designed to work with both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop versions. However, it’s always a good idea to verify the compatibility of the specific app you choose with your QuickBooks version.

Q: Can I customize the integration settings to fit my business needs?

Yes, these time tracking apps integration usually offer customization options to tailor the integration settings according to your business requirements. You can typically map various data fields, configure billing rates, and choose which information is synced between the app and QuickBooks.

Q: Will integrating a time tracking app with QuickBooks affect my existing QuickBooks data?

Integrating a time tracking app with QuickBooks will not impact your existing QuickBooks data. The integration is designed to sync data seamlessly, avoiding any conflicts or data loss. However, it’s always advisable to create a backup of your QuickBooks data before integrating any new apps.

Q: Can I try out these time tracking apps before making a final decision?

Yes, most time tracking apps offer free trials or demo versions. It’s recommended to take advantage of these trial periods to explore the features, user interface, and integration capabilities before making a decision.

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