The advent of cloud computing in business has simplified and upgraded the standard of numerous processes. Since the basic cloud operations depend on delivering solutions over a network instead of local computers, it has enhanced the outsourcing services in a massive way. Easily, CPA and accounting firms that cater the outsourcing of accounting services have gained a lot because of cloud computing.

Accounting services have many unique needs with the technology that separates it from most of the other business processes. Privacy of the data, the chronological order of the expenses, adhering to various regional judicial laws, etc. are some of those unique needs of accounting.

Dealing with such challenges and that too from a location different to that of the client is no short of a herculean task. But cloud computing has a lot to offer. It connects remotely located CPA to collaborate with the clients, view the financial transactions in real-time, etc.

With so much on offer for the accounting firms, the trend of working in the cloud is growing intensely. There are various options that enable accounting on the cloud, such as – hosting the desktop version of software such as QuickBooks, using completely cloud-based software, integrating with hosted QB add-ons, etc. Citing the benefits of cloud, some of the accounting firms have even switched to an entirely cloud-based accounting solution.

From pacing up processes and better accessibility to enhanced data security and centralized monitoring, the cloud has the potential of streamlining the operations for any level of CPA firms. Being a low-cost affair adds more substance to its capabilities.

All these factors combine to upscale the calibers of the CPA firm, which eventually results in the form of more convincing results for the customer. This infographic discusses various benefits of cloud computing for CPA firms:

Infographic Benefits of Cloud Computing for CPA Firms

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