What Are The Benefits Of Using QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Services?

Have you ever wondered what accounting practice will be like in the next decade? From on-premise QuickBooks to QuickBooks on cloud, the technology has come a long way and is likely to evolve further. The accounting firms are striving to achieve real-time remote access to their business resources. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Services?

According to Finances Online, 67% of accountants believe that AI helps bring high efficiency to their workflow.  

The cloud brings flexibility to accounting processes and improves the productivity of organizations.

QuickBooks Cloud Hostingis the driver of profitability in today’s world.

If you have the QuickBooks accountant version, you might know its advantages for a CPA firm. No wonder it tracks inventory management and project profitability. But, what will you do if you have some urgent work required when you are away from your system? QuickBooks cloud hosting offers a workaround to this problemWith this intelligent software on cloud, you can access your data from any device round the clock. 

So, if you are planning to shape your dream business, then QuickBooks cloud hosting is the right enabler to aid your business. 

To show you why cloud-based QuickBooks is a must for every business, let’s dive into its benefits.

1. Simplified business operations

Whether you’re a small business owner or a CFO of a top firm, complex accounting is a hassle. Cloud hosting offers you solution for this through add-ons that help you send and track custom invoices, track inventory and make complex processes simple. You can integrate with over 200 add-ons that ties every function in a single software. 

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2. Powerful security level

One of the biggest threats to SMBs is their data getting into the wrong hands. With QuickBooks on cloud, your financial data is protected in secure data centers. It adds a new level of security across cloud infrastructures. The cloud service providers ensure that every activity is safe. It identifies the unusual activities and enhances the data visibility.

3. Multi-user collaboration

Collaboration is indeed the best feature of QuickBooks cloud accounting. Every organization strives to obtain seamless communication among employees. With multi-user collaboration, you can give access to data, to as many users, as you want. If employees are working from different locations, they don’t have to share data back and forth. With a more efficient workflow, you will understand the power of collaboration.

4. Easy integration with multiple add-ons 

Another benefit of cloud hosting is getting access to all the specialized finance tools that can sync all your data at no extra cost. And if you get QuickBooks cloud hosting from ACE, you get over 200 add-ons as part of the package, in order to handle complex functions to know the business’s financial health and simplify your month-end closure process. 

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5. Disaster recovery 

As a business owner, your biggest fear may be losing your data, especially when there is no backup and it is stored in a single location. But moving to the cloud means your data is in good hands with proper backup and disaster recovery mechanisms in placeThis migration gives you peace of mind by ensuring smooth recovery in case of data loss. Regardless of any contingency in terms of a technical glitch or natural disaster, you can easily retrieve your data in the cloud. This way, once you host QuickBooks on cloud, your data will be safe in Tier 3+ or Tier-4 data center. 

QuickBooks cloud hosting- scalable and cost-effective accounting solution 

To conclude, I hope by now you know how QuickBooks Cloud hosting takes care of accounting operations remotely.  

Are you looking for a flexible business solution? QuickBooks cloud hosting will be the most cost-effective solution for you. The cloud has revolutionary advantages for every business size.  You can streamline the tax processes with high-performance SSD-based servers.  

We invite you to have a free trial of our QuickBooks hosting services. Try QuickBooks Hosting Service for free! 

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