Last updated on January 12th, 2023

Piling up the local IT infrastructure is an outdated practice now. Cloud-based hosting is the talk of the business town. After decades of criticism and concerns, hosting solutions have improved in million ways. Relying on these improvements, many businesses, and individual users have accepted as a mainstream solution. Bitglass Inc. reports that global cloud application adoption soared by 71% in the year 2015 is strong indicative of the hosting trend.

So the hosting service is in huge demand and what’s even better is the availability of choices with hosting service – not only in the terms of providers but also in the various server types. Among those choices, dedicated server hosting has gained immense popularity in the recent times for its ability to offer better performance.

Choosing a dedicated server means that the hosting providers will offer the user a server which does not serve any other. Or, in other words, all the resources of the server are dedicated to only one user (or business). It enables a number of advantages for the users, such as-

1. Make Complete Use of Server Resources

Unlike the shared server, a dedicated hosting server offers all the storage, processing, and other amenities to one party. That means the complete storage drive, memory, processing speed, and bandwidth can be utilized as per the need. It edges past the shared one, where the peak hour requirements between different users may disturb the performance.

2. Keep Security Standards Optimum

When it comes to hosting servers, security has always been among the top concerns for users. Dedicated server promises to resolve these concerns to a considerable amount. Since it belongs to one party only they have a complete privilege of setting up the security factors as they want. At the same time, it nullifies the chances of sharing user’s loopholes to cause security vulnerability of your data or applications. Most of the service providers offer the option to enact personalized security solutions for the dedicated servers that are not possible with the shared ones.

3. Enjoy More Customization

Right from the access permissions to user setup, everything concerned with the dedicated hosting servers remains with the user. A dedicated server offers the comfort to enable/disable a certain number of network protocols that can help the business (or user) to meet its unique requirement. Furthermore, changes with some of the server resources can be made without any alterations with the plan structure or service providers.

4. Maintain the Budget Effortlessly

A dedicated server is everything that your local server offers minus purchase cost, maintenance hassles, and set up infrastructure. Even though you need to pay to the hosting service provider as per the plan that you pick, you still escape the hefty one-time purchase amount. That is not enough on saving as the expense for the IT team is eradicated. At the same time, precious local space for the machine is not needed anymore. Going with the dedicated hosting server, you have a number of reasons that support your pocket.

Wrapping Up

From security aspect to performance, dedicated servers offers the most realistic and optimum solution to meet most of the major changes faced by the hosting service providers. Its critics might mention that overall expenses for a dedicated server are far more than the other options. However, for the overall comfort that it offers for the users, that extra amount of expense is almost bearable as it is still affordable than buying a local server of the same configuration. To make it even better, all the benefits of basic hosting services, such as scalable plans, anytime anywhere access, device independence, authenticated access, etc. are available without any flaw.

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