With the growing popularity of cloud among the businesses as well as individual users, the demand for hosting services is increasing at a very high pace. When a product (or service) is in demand, the market will offer some number of varieties with it. In this case, most common hosting varieties on offer are shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

4 Reasons Why You Should Opt For Dedicated Hosting

When the data (or websites or application) belonging to various users (or businesses) are residing on the same server, then it is known as shared hosting. On the contrary, when a server stores data of only one user, it is known as dedicated hosting and the server in action is known as a dedicated server. Dedicated hosting is expensive of the two services, but has some big advantages as well. Of those, here are top four reasons why you should opt for dedicated hosting.

1. Improved Performance

Server performance includes a number of factors, including- memory, system type, processor, storage, bandwidth, etc. Sharing these factors with other users can cut down on the performance, but when you are the lone user on the server, you are certain of seizing the best performance, which directly improves the uptime for you.

2. Security

Choosing a hosting services already involves a little risk that someone else (the hosting service provider) has the data. Given the herculean security measures that most service providers offer, one can rely on their server. But sharing the server with other can be a cause of concern for the reason that any damage to the server from their end can pinch you as well. Dedicated hosting assures that the server belongs to you and thus, securing becomes easier. For a dedicated server, one can even choose a security tool, such as a personal firewall.

3. Personalization

Over a dedicated server, you get the administrator rights that would remain with the service provider in case of shared server. Owning these rights can help the user customize the server as per the needs and requirements. Installation of various software (like firewalls as mentioned above), personalizing the access details, controlling the bandwidth, etc. can come in very handy for the businesses.

4. Continuity and Reliability

Heavy traffic and overload on the server can cause sufferings for the users on shared server. Though almost every hosting service provider will advocate the potential of their ‘highest’ bandwidth amenities, there are a number of issues that can slow down the processes. Usually, during the heavy traffic flow on multiple users the bandwidth has to be compromised upon. Dedicated server means a bandwidth dedicated to you.

It is always important to analyze the needs of your business. There is common myth that dedicated servers are required only for the ‘bigger’ enterprises. However, the dedicated servers are available for almost all the sizes to fit all needs. The prices for a dedicated server are on the higher side, when you compare it with shared ones. But, for the comforts and conveniences that one gets in return are worth it.

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