How Much Does It Cost to Host an Application on The Cloud?

The importance of cloud computing is increasing with time across the globe. Businesses related to diverse industries, be it construction, retail, or accounting, are switching to the cloud to leverage its benefits.

As Gartner predicted, the cloud service market is expected to grow beyond $330B in 2022.

But amidst it all, the cost of adopting cloud technology remains a big concern for a lot of businesses.

How Much Does It Cost to Host an Application on The Cloud?Depending on the industry a business falls into, there are numerous applications they use which can be hosted on the cloud.

Now the question may arise – what is the cost of hosting an application on the cloud?

It is something almost everyone who wants to switch to the cloud would like to know more about.

But its answer is not as simple as it may seem. Instead, it depends on several factors, which are detailed below –

1. Application That Is to Be Hosted on The Cloud

Cloud computing is a process in which a network of remote servers is used to store, manage, and process data.

Any application that you want to host on the cloud not only differs from others in terms of features but also technical specifications. It may need more processing power of virtual CPUs and more storage space than what other applications require.

The final cost of application hosting is determined by these specifications by the cloud service provider.

2. Type of Server Needed – Shared or Dedicated

When choosing to host an application on the cloud, the thought of security of critical business-related data often comes to mind.

Indeed, cloud technology keeps the application and data safe and secure. But businesses who seek an additional layer of security over the cloud can opt for private server hosting at an additional cost.

For instance, CPAs and accountant firms use QuickBooks software as a part of their accounting process. At the time of choosing a reliable cloud solution provider, they can choose any one of the two possible ways –

  1. They can either opt for QuickBooks hosting services on shared server or
  2. They can choose a faster, high-performance QuickBooks dedicated server.

Both these possibilities differ from each other in terms of pricing, with the dedicated server being slightly expensive than the other option.

3. Cloud Hosting with Or Without Application License

A common misconception in the minds of some people is that the cost of application hosting includes the cost of the license to use the software, which is not valid in all the cases.

One can buy a license to use an application on the local computer only, without choosing to host it on the cloud. Similarly, one can opt for a cloud hosting plan for an application he/she has already bought a license of. You can also find some cloud service providers that offer application license as well as cloud hosting services.

So, if you choose cloud hosting solution with application license, you need to pay for both the license as well as the cloud services.

4. Your Choice of a Cloud Solution Provider

Again, this is a vital factor that determines the price you need to pay to get an application of your choice hosted on the cloud.

Not every cloud hosting provider offers services at the same price. You can get to know about the differences in their cloud hosting pricing plan structure by researching online.

Often, these pricing differences make people feel confused about making the right choice of a cloud hosting provider.

To get helped, they can follow a stepwise checklist to choose the right cloud hosting provider.

5. Chosen Tenure for Application Hosting

Cloud hosting plans for different applications are time-bound. They get expired at the end of the chosen tenure. Depending on the cloud hosting tenure chosen for an application, its pricing is determined.You can easily find cloud solution providers that offer cloud hosting services for flexible tenure, be it monthly or annually.

For best results, you are advised to choose a long-term hosting plan, which is comparatively lower in cost than the monthly plans. You may even get an additional discount to choose a reliable cloud hosting provider for a longer tenure.

The choice is yours.


Indeed, almost everyone who wants to opt for cloud services is willing to know about the detailed pricing first. But alongside, it is also important to know what determines that pricing structure. It will help you make a well-informed decision of choosing a cloud solution provider.

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