Why Are Accountants Moving Their QuickBooks To The Cloud?

The financial industry is striving to eliminate security threats and costs. A survey by Viewpost revealed, 38% of organizations do not trust accounting software. 18% of firms feel that it has complex functioning, which will consume a lot of time.

With QuickBooks hosting and its modern infrastructure, this threat is gone. The adoption of cloud technology proves to be the best solution for CPAs.

Benefits of QuickBooks cloud hosting for CPA firms 

Looking forward to enhancing your business productivity? Taking your company’s accounting software ‘to the cloud’ will be the best decision. Hosting QuickBooks on the cloud will make space for a long list of essential tasks to be done.
Now you are aware of the term ‘QuickBooks Cloud Hosting’, let’s dig deeper to discover why accounting firms must shift their accounting operations to the cloud.

1. Access your accounting from anywhere, anytime

Improved remote mobility frees you from the tangle of on-premises QuickBooks. How? Hosting on the cloud enables you to access your financial information round the clock. Also, it gives you the power to keep up your accounting operations even if it is after business hours. You can add all your employees to a shared cloud platform. You just need an internet connection to ensure enhanced collaboration among teams.

2. Drive business growth 

Cloud technology has changed the way accounting operations are performed. Now, accountants can manage every task with hosted accounting software from anywhere. You can handle everything from invoicing to payroll and timesheets in one place. You can scale your business resources with built-in cloud features. So, you can save time and make sure nothing slips through the gaps. Hence, it makes sure that your business is growing.

3. Ensure endpoint security

Accountants have an incredible amount of business data and information stored. Imagine storing your sensitive financial statements in a system that can be hacked? Cyber-attacks are one of the biggest threats in 2022 for CPA firms. Remember the Deloitte cyber-attack? That’s not it.

Since 2020, there has been a 424% increase in small business cyber breaches. As an accounting firm, clients will expect you to develop strict security standards. We keep your data secure under network monitoring in SAE-16 certified data center. Multi-factor authentication (MFA), backups, and anti-malware software are essential to track suspicious activities.

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4. Reduce your capital expenditure

An organization spends upfront and infrastructure costs for maintaining the traditional accounting software. And the cost associated can be exponentially higher as compared to the cloud environment. It would be beneficial if businesses reduce the expenses on an on-premise server.

From setting up the latest software to hiring IT experts, expenses quickly add up. When you host the accounting software, you get every process managed on cloud for your team. QuickBooks on cloud gathers the data and synchronizes transactions in a go.

Accounting will become simple if every process gets streamlined.  Because the data gets stored in the cloud, it would be accessible with no extra cost. In fact, it will give you every critical feature you use for accounting with added capabilities.

5. Be ready with disaster recovery

If we speak of on-premise QuickBooks, the risk of losing sensitive data is very high. The disasters are common, not only data breaching but hardware failure as well. No company can afford to lose their financial information.
Research by Netwrix stated that 35% of data loss is due to Hardware failure in organizations. So, this disaster recovery in QuickBooks cloud hosting keeps your data secure from external disturbances.

The cloud backs up your data. Not only this, but you also get a chance to back up your data on your own. For instance, at Ace Cloud, we offer built-in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (DR-BC) features. It relies on redundant hardware and network options for 45 days.

Wrapping up- QuickBooks on cloud is the key to growth in Accounting Industry 
Cloud tools are built with collaboration in mind. In fact, security got better by hosting QuickBooks on cloud. Maximizing productivity and cloud accounting are two visions that work hand-in-hand. It makes it easy to enhance transparency and save reasonable time.

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