Citrix Workspace: All In One Solution To Gain Seamless Experience, Security, And Flexibility

Today’s enterprises are looking for a solution that can bring together all applications, tools, and business resources under one roof so that they can revive, rethink and reimagine their workplace. Citrix Workspace, earlier known as Citrix receiver, is a technology framework developed by Citrix Systems that securely delivers unified access to multiple users with a personalized experience. These applications, content, data, and desktops can be accessed over any device compatible with it, including mobiles, PCs, Web, Tablets, and more. 

As a Citrix Strategic Partner, ACE makes virtualization simpler by offering a managed virtual desktop delivery that lets you access the hosted resources from anywhere, anytime. ACE provides an all-in-one solution on the Citrix Platform, supporting application and desktop delivery under a central console. 

Let’s see how Citrix Workspace works and how it can support your path to the future. 


How Does Citrix Workspace Work? 

Citrix Workspace enables integration and convergence of Citrix cloud services to offer unified access to the end users in a centralized location.  

Here’s an overview of how Citrix workspace works and how it is delivered to end users. 

  • The administrators first decide which view of the resource they intend to provide to their users. They can have a comprehensive view of each resource through the Citrix Workspace user interface (UI). 
  • Then the users can access the applications, desktops, or services that the administrators configure and enable as per Workspace Configuration. The user can access the Citrix Workspace either through a browser by adding the Workspace URL or with the Citrix Workspace app installed on a compatible device. 
  • The users authenticate their access to workspaces using a few identity protocols configured in the Workspace, such as Identity and Access Management. Then, the user can access the cloud-hosted services authenticated for them from any device. 


Business leaders need constant change; hence they require new applications and solutions to complete their typical day’s work. They often don’t know the ramifications of distributed applications on the general user experience. 

Citrix Workspace paves the way in decoding that situation. It supports businesses in achieving three primary goals: 

  • Your workforce can have unparalleled user experience over any network, making users productive without geographical restrictions. 
  • Your high-end sensitive business data is under a secure digital perimeter that safeguards users, applications, and data in any unforeseen scenario. 
  • Your IT can leverage eccentric flexibility and centralized management for multi-cloud scenarios: on-premises, cloud, and hybrid. 

How Does Citrix Workspace Enhance Digital Experience, Security, And Flexibility? 

Citrix Workspace offers a wide array of industry-grade capabilities that eliminates the negative user experience while working remotely. Its unique capabilities address the IT management complexities, supporting leaders to balance the contradictory needs of multiple business units while preventing sensitive data leakage. 

Citrix Workspace is the solution to some of business leaders’ major challenges by bringing a reinvigorated approach that enhances the overall user experience —both IT administrators and end-users while keeping security in check. 

On that note, we can say that Citrix Workspace is a must-needed digital workspace solution that houses all corporate applications, data, and workloads in a single zone.  

Thanks to Citrix Workspace, all teams’ web, SaaS, mobile applications, and Windows applications can all perform well in one unified platform. Besides, Citrix Workspace can be integrated with multiple contents and communication-centric applications, giving you a unified virtual desktop experience such as Skype VDI, Zoom VDI, and more. 

See How Workspace Can Empower Your Business


Citrix Workspace Makes Your Business Future Ready 

  • The Digital Workspace Experience You Want

The content-aware interface of Citrix Workspace leads to an unmatched user experience for a distributed workforce. Moreover, all applications and workflows can be integrated within minutes on any device, thus offering a multi-platform experience.  

Citrix Workspace offers users a similar look and experience, no matter what platform or device they use. This enables users to switch between devices and work flexibly. Also, with this approach, IT leaders can have more all-around options of supported platforms. 

  • Integration With Mobile Applications And Office 365

For an exceptional Office 365 experience over any network, finding a proper integrated match is a must. However, Citrix Workspace develops customizable workflows & builds a communication medium by transferring MAM containers with Microsoft Intune for smartphones. 

This enables the cut, copy or paste feature between Citrix Workspace and Office 365 applications, making it a fully-featured modernized workspace for today’s workforce. 

  • Simplified Content Collaboration

Citrix Workspace is known for its content collaboration and product integration. This tool enables the distributed teams to share, edit, and collaborate on content within departments, clients, partners, or vendors, by storing all data and workflows in one central interface.   

Among the many outstanding abilities are customized workflows & forms, eSignatures, and robust integrations. Citrix Content Collaboration lets businesses connect different file storage locations to one interface. Moreover, Citrix Content Collaboration is already integrated with Office 365 and G suite.  

  • Unmatchable Performance On Any Device 

75% of people prefer to check their email on their mobile devices rather than on desktops or laptops.’ In such a scenario, the distributed workforce needs secure experience on mobiles, tablets, and their personal devices to be productive at any hour of the day. Citrix workspace is here to deliver an incredible user experience on any device, even with a distant or congested network with its unique capabilities. 

Digital Workspace Security  

  • User-Centric Workspace Behavior

Citrix Workspace interface is customized to offer holistic protection with user behavior and risk analysis to detect proactive human activities. Data-sensitive industries such as Healthcare, Law, and Education benefit from this approach as Workspace monitors anomalies to aggregate user risk scores as per typical usage in real-time. 

Additionally, Citrix Analytics detects users’ behavior to mitigate risks when some abnormal activity is detected in the system.  

  • Advanced Security Protocol

Many firms misperceive a single sign-on (SSO) solution with a complete security setup for their infrastructure. However, how would you control user activity after authentication? How would you ensure security within the Workspace? How would you stop them from sharing or copying data outside the organization network? 

With Citrix Workspace, users can leverage single sign-on with added security tools that implement contextual and granular access controls, enhancing the organization’s overall security and compliance posture.  Also, granular security controls such as watermarking and authorized access automate action to provide insight into the security landscape. 

The Digital Workspace Offers Flexibility 

Unified management experience for all aspects of a digital workspace. 

  • Unified Experience With Simplified Setup 

Citrix Workspace comes with various industry-leading application management tools that offer the best-in-class experience to the users. Its central management console is built with a cross-evolution workflow setup that leads to a better admin IT experience, optimized for administrators’ efficiency and simple troubleshooting.    

  • Multi-platform Flexibility

 Every business is looking to provide a user experience to its employees or clients where they can leverage flexibility and control at the point of their fingerprints. This demands a secure and productive experience across networks — from any device, keeping data safe under corporate security layers. 

Citrix Workspace empowers firms to embrace a multi-cloud and multi-platform strategy while they choose to spin up virtual desktops and applications from wherever their workforce is operating from. Citrix Content Collaboration ensures mixed network collaboration while sharing data on OneDrive, SharePoint, or MS Office — all while leveraging enterprise data sharing capabilities. 

Citrix Partner: ACE’s Workspace As A Service Keeps You Growing 

Undoubtedly Citrix Workspace is a fast-paced solution that can transform your organization to fit in this ever-evolving digital economy. And as a Citrix strategic partner, ACE delivers world-class cloud workspace solutions that are more than just technology to create a consistent, secure, and flexible digital experience for your workforce. 

Leveraging our ACE Workspace as a service (WaaS) can provide you with an engaging digital workspace by: 

Blending with different devices and networks: Your dispersed workforce can access Windows applications from any device on any platform while supporting the security needs of different industries. 

Integrated Virtual workspace deployment: ACE’s centralized management automates the virtual environment’s management and simplifies IT administrators’ tasks. 

Multi-cloud ready: ACE cloud solutions are well suited for various cloud deployments such as on-premises, public and hybrid cloud, or any blend of these. 

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