Workspace As a Service Vs. Desktop as a Service: Choose A Right Desktop Solution

Business expansion and the employees’ dynamic demands have brought a massive transformation in the market. If you remember when the pandemic hit the world in 2020, every business went remote in an instant. In that process, the Information Technology (IT) sector strived to meet ever-growing business demands. Here, virtualization has brought a critical change in how employees operate from anywhere and business meets the profits.   

The future workforce is looking for flexibility to work without being restricted to a physical location. Virtual Workspace and Virtual Desktop Solutions are the essential parts of a modern independent corporate environment.   

Nowadays, cloud-hosted desktops and applications serve as effective solutions to face future challenges. Like two sides of a coin, Workspace as a Service (WaaS) or Desktop as a Service (DaaS) give access to business resources independent of location. Workspace Virtualization delivers a full version of applications and software accessible to work via cloud service. Desktop Virtualization creates and stores multiple user data in the centralized server or cloud, giving secure remote access to the employees. 

Let’s take a look at the Desktop as a Service and Workspace as a Service to discover what’s best for you.

Waas vS. DaaS

What is Workspace as a Service (WaaS)?   

Workspace as a Service (WaaS) is a virtual desktop infrastructure that delivers independent access to corporate assets stored in a secure cloud environment. Keeping security in mind, only people with access can open the data. Here, authority is about who can process stored resources and retrieve them.  

Essentially, WaaS is the outcome of desktop virtualization technology (DaaS). Instead of having data management only on desktops, entire workspace documents and applications are in the cloud. It is what is known as a workspace as a Service.

What is Desktop as a service (DaaS)?   

Desktop as a service (DaaS) is the computing technology that has made it possible for users to run any public or hybrid cloud application. Giving anywhere, anytime access to applications has freed the teams from working only in office constraints. With business shifting towards remote work, DaaS poises to be the future of the hybrid environment. Essentially, through some critical authentication, the user can connect to the workspace from any endpoint (say, mobile, laptop, desktop), making data and applications accessible round the clock.

Comparing Virtual Desktop to Virtual Workspace   

Due to cloud-hosted architecture, DaaS and WaaS inherit the same series of features. It includes performance and reliability, security, scalability, and more. So, in DaaS vs. WaaS, Virtual Workspace is the technology that came from virtual desktops.  

To better understand Waas and Daas, one should note that WaaS is the result of DaaS only. With workspace, you get data deliverability across various platforms, whether on Mac, Windows, Android, or iOS with Citrix or VMware. Whereas with Citrix-managed desktops, you don’t have to stick to your personal Windows desktop; it gives you multi-user compatibility. Many users can share the virtual machine, and thus it helps you have more control over data.

Consider the features and find the right type of Desktop as a Service vs. Workspace as a Service for your business.

  • Get Broader Accessibility and Flexibility   

More flexibility is better, isn’t it? We aim to develop real office desks like works stations with virtual desktops while WaaS actually moves complete physical office to the cloud. Therefore, it can be accessed anywhere, in desktops and workspace on the cloud, easy-to-create workflows regardless of device or location.

  • High Level of Data Security   

Remote work is only growing more frequently. As cybersecurity threats are increasing, the concept of desktop virtualization has revolutionized the hybrid workforce standards. WaaS addresses the firm’s security challenges, with multiple security measures like network monitoring and 256-bit encryption. Furthermore, advanced cloud-centric DaaS solution allows remote access to business resources and data by deploying security frameworks and redundant infrastructure.

  • Cost Saving   

The significant advantage of desktop virtualization is saving capital, such as heavy servers, individual desktops, and expensive hardware and peripherals. Moving to WaaS can give device-independent access to business applications to all employees. Meanwhile, switching to workspace as a service extends the lifespan of your existing machines because company devices are used only as endpoints.

  • Scalability As Per Your Need 

Virtual workspace or Desktop fits best for modern business. Businesses with virtual Desktops or workspace can scale up or down the business desktops in a click, depending on your business needs. Whether you hire freelancers or contract workers, you can avoid the unwanted costs of deploying a new system every time.

Additionally, you’ll only pay for what you use by moving your workspace to the cloud, authorizing businesses to quickly add necessary integrations or applications for employees as per their job profile.

Raise the Workplace Collaboration standards with Virtual Desktop Services

Over 74% of workers say that having a remote work opportunity would make them likely to stay in their job longer compared to workplace constraints. As the employees have adapted to the flexible work culture, it becomes essential to boost overall business growth.

Any growing modern organization needs its work processes to be equally agile. Ace’s WaaS solution comes with high freedom and flexibility for workers and more control over the work environment. Not only will your team gain desktop virtualization on all connected endpoints. Our experts will help you define the right solution to manage your data security requirements based on your funds.

Mobilizing your work environment enables end-users to grow in the “work from home” culture. It is the key to having a pool of talent attracted to your business. Moreover, it fosters employee efficiency, thereby improving ROI.

Get in touch with our experts to know more about the secure business Desktop virtualization solutions managed by Ace Cloud Hosting.

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