6 Financial Benefits by Moving your Virtual Desktops to the Cloud

‘The virtual desktop technology is mainstream, and with a list of good business-driven reasons.’ 

As your business evolves, so does the demand for improved infrastructure and workforce. The remote work trend is expected to stay for long, and the corporate world is getting game-changing benefits coming out of it. Cloud-hosted virtual desktops are an investment that entrepreneurs might want to make.  

Desktop as a service is now a reliable strategy with primary financial edges. Here, DaaS makes cloud the house of information while paying only for the resources you use. 

Thus, it is secure and saves you from unwelcomed expenditure such as installing high-end hardware. For instance, with Ace cloud hosting as your DaaS provider, you can eliminate hardware costs associated with purchasing servers or desktops. If you wonder how Daas Cost saving can prove to be a return on investment for you, you are at the right place.  

Thanks to Desktops as a Service (DaaS), businesses can benefit from the countless benefits of centralizing their desktop management, security, backups, management, and whatnot. As we discuss the cost-related factors that attract top businesses, here read on virtual desktop’s top 6 financial benefits as a service. 

Let’s dig in: 

Cut Costs with Cloud Hosted Desktop: How it can Empower Your Business?

Since the pandemic has moved everything to the cloud, it’s time we shifted our desktops to the cloud too. It has been an actual breakpoint for businesses moving to virtualization.  

DaaS managed desktops count on cloud-based technology. What makes it different from other solutions is enhanced automation and the cost benefits. Ever since remote working has boomed, the hosted desktop solution has been a game-changer for thousands of businesses around the globe. And with Citrix-managed desktops, your virtual software is handled by cloud service providers. Moreover, it enables you to provide virtual desktops to freelancers, interns, or temporary employees without fear of information getting into the wrong hands. This is not the end; dive in to know DaaS’s other economic benefits to your business. 

How much does DaaS cost?

Here are the 6 DaaS Cost Benefits:

DaaS is growing steadily to guide businesses for the coming years. Industries are focusing on building their virtual IT infrastructure to sustain remote workforces in the long run. Read on to determine what makes it a future-proof strategy for digital operations in 2022.  

With Hosted Desktop, You Pay as You Go

Around 80% of businesses are working on hybrid IT infrastructures combining data centers and the cloud in today’s market. With the DaaS business model, you can allocate the resources and scale cloud storage as per your organization’s needs. For instance, you can choose whether you require more or fewer virtual desktops for users at any time. It reduces the excessive spending on updating office systems when expanding the workforce. 

Security is Another Critical Cost Benefit of Cloud VDI

According to Business Insider, there has been a 300% increase in phishing attacks since the coronavirus crisis. Your organization’s security can be at risk with sensitive data on end-user devices. No data is secure on local machines. You wonder how you can safeguard your clients’ financial data. DaaS is an exemplary service for you. DaaS sets up your data in a managed environment and removes the need for VPNs to access any file.  

What if any of your firm’s devices get stolen? Daas is here to secure all your data on the cloud. In that case, information is encrypted in the cloud with various security measures such as multi-factor authentication, IP filtering, etc.

Cloud Hosted Desktops Improve Your Employees’ Efficiency

Antiquated endpoint devices are the primary reason for low employee productivity. According to New Digital Workplace Divide, outdated technology can frustrate the employees. Technology laggard makes them less productive and propels them to resign. However, DaaS enables the employees to have a consistent and robust user experience no matter what end-devices they are operating. It lets employees concentrate on their work without worrying about supporting devices. 

Cloud VDI Lowers Your IT Maintenance Costs

In this business environment, it is necessary to configure the traditional desktops from time to time. A DaaS provider offers a more centralized desktop management footprint with efficient software resources. With Desktop as a service, the IT team gets comprehensive control over the scaling of resources.  

Upgrading software on individual PCs can turn out to be time-consuming for IT administrators. Whereas with DaaS, there is no need to compromise on software maintenance. The DaaS provider manages the patching and maintenance of all assets in one go, freeing you from hassles. Now, you can prioritize your significant tasks to boost productivity. 

DaaS relieves in-house teams from day-to-day maintenance tasks so they can dedicate their time and energy to more critical and strategic initiatives.

The Cost Benefits of Enhanced Device Lifespan

Managing asset lifespan is one of the most significant benefits of DaaS. When remote working was not a massive part of the corporate world, employees worked on office devices. The issues of limited processing power, low RAM, and malware hindered employee productivity the most. There’s no more worrying about a slowdown in the costly hardware with desktops on the cloud.   

When employees are ready to access their devices anytime and anywhere, it could extend the device’s life. Additionally, a desktop service provider could get you an extra two years without a vast hardware investment. 

Upgraded Infrastructure is Another Crucial DaaS Cost

With DaaS, you can modernize your workspace infrastructure. Today’s employees prefer to work with good technology. So, to attract the best talent in the workplace, you need to move to digitally evolved desktops.  

And with solution providers like Ace Cloud Hosting, you can ensure that all the infrastructure components, such as firewalls, antivirus, etc., are tuned optimally for a steady work process. With DaaS infrastructure, you can avoid the expense of building a physical space and move towards virtualized data centers. 

DaaS Pricing: How much does DaaS Cost with ACE

We know it is challenging to find well-structured DaaS plans. Depending on the DaaS solutions and the business model, firms might have to invest in dedicated devices as per the compatibility. If you take Citrix-managed desktops from ACE, you can contemplate your budgets funding, simplify IT management, and enhance the employee experience.  

However, our pay-as-you-go pricing model ensures that you are not investing in unused resources and pay only for what you use.  

Our Business Plans start at $30/User for a minimum of 3 users with:  

1. Desktops Built on 2vCPU
2. Accessibility on Browser, Win OS, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Chromebook
3. Resources shared between 5 users
4. 4GB RAM
5. 50 GB storage 

In fact, you can get customized RAM, storage, or the number of users with our DaaS plans. Empower remote work with Desktop as a service and address your specific business goals.  

Finally, know how DaaS pricing can prove to be a cost-effective solution for your company.  

Regardless of the benefits it offers to small and medium-sized enterprises, DaaS acts as a holistic business solution in the long term. It allows firms to cut unnecessary expenses and spend on business advancements.  

If you want to know how DaaS can prove a return on investment for your business, speak to our experts.  

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