How Can VDI Enhance the Productivity of Employees?

Today’s economy is extremely unforgiving. Slight negligence can lead to a loss of organizational credibility. Startups, SMBs, or Enterprises; be it any type of industry, the employees form the core of their process and are responsible for the execution of tasks efficiently which in turn leads to growth and recognition.


No organization can survive the ever-transforming and highly competitive business environment if the employees do not thrive with the company. Hence, you need to invest heavily for the welfare and sustainability of your employees.

They are the ones behind the success of your daily operation and fulfillment of your business goals. The most important way to improve employee productivity is to facilitate better working conditions.

Technology for Better Productivity

Over the years, there have been highly intense debates on whether an employee’s productivity depends on the person himself or is it the responsibility of his employer to aid certain environmental specifications to ensure better performance. There are two sides of each coin, and this topic certainly has two sides of the story.

We all agree that a person holds the key to his development and improvement, but simultaneously, we cannot deny the contribution of employers towards the well-being of its employees that in turn lead to higher productivity.

Over the years, we have seen that implementation of a certain technology at the workspace has dramatically improved the overall performance of a company. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is one of such breathtaking development been witnessed in the technology sphere.

Although VDI is unknown to a lot of people and most of the people who know it are not aware of the full specifications and utility that it offers, once you understand the principles behind the functioning of this technology, you shall never doubt on its prowess.

Here are some ways in which VDI can enhance the productivity of your employees.

1. Ability to work from a remote location saves a lot of commuting hours

VDI, as the name suggests is the concept that allows us to implement the virtualization of the entire desktop experience. This means there won’t be any need to buy expensive computers and still be able to use high-end applications.

This is mainly possible because the entire local desktop system is hosted on the environment. As a result, whenever a user needs to access the files in order to work on a specific project, he/she can log into the cloud server and access the file right from his system, no matter where he is located.

From an employee’s perspective, now they don’t require to waste too much time waiting in the traffic. Instead, they can simply log into their desktops and start working. Consequently, they can get a considerable portion of their work done till the time they reach their office premises. This indeed improves the employee’s productivity by a huge margin.

Now, as far as the employers are concerned, they can save a considerable amount of money in the form of travel allowances and office rents. In fact, the companies don’t even require buying high-end machines to get the work done. Simply they can share the VDI login credentials with their remote employees and rest assured about the task been completed in time.

2. No need to worry about system updates and the time spent on these operations

So, we understand that flexibility and mobility are the two major factors that benefit the employee in the long run. Now it’s time to understand how the level of productivity is increased simply because there’s no need to spend a huge amount of time for upgrading your system.

With VDI, an employee can directly log into the system through their computers and make use of the available applications. If one project requires the employee to use a higher Operating System (OS), like Windows 10 while he has Windows 8, he need not waste his valuable time to download the OS and update his system.

He can simply choose the required OS from the server and start working on it without delay. Therefore, his productivity is improved to a large extent.

3. Hardware failures should not affect productivity anymore

Hardware failures can lead to fatal consequences both in terms of organizational and individual aspects. Workers spend months for developing certain projects and a simple hardware error can lead to massive data damage, and the hard work of that particular employee can go in vain. However, such a headache is a matter of the past.

As you understand, VDI uses a cluster of remote servers to store all the data. So, even if your office computer of a specific machine’s hardware fails or crashes, you don’t have to stress about the integrity of your data. You can always choose a different end-point device to log into the cloud and get access to all the information that you had stored previously.

Therefore, there’s no need for your employees to spend the double amount of time for getting a particular project done just because there was a fault in the hardware. The same thing applies to software failures as well. Even if there is a disruptive event and the client’s deadline is knocking your doors, you should never miss out on your deadline.

To Sum It Up!

VDI is a technology that offers numerous benefits to businesses. One such aspect of VDI is the ability to optimize the productivity of the employees of an organization.

With the help of VDI, the employees can work remotely from their home or outstation. This helps them reduce the mental stress of commuting to the office daily. It also helps them maintain a work-life balance and manage their time better.

The employees do not need to wait for the system to be upgraded as with VDI the hardware, as well as OS, can be upgraded instantly. Moreover, even if a device is stolen or corrupted, the data can be accessed from another device as the VDI solution makes the employees hardware-independent.

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  • Russell says:

    VDI is a very innovative piece of technology which for sure is the future.

  • Swaran says:

    The ability to work on any platform (Operating System) without downloading and updating it has been one of the best technological innovations and is something that deserves applause for sure.

  • Winnie says:

    Mobility is something that is in demand in today’s time, and VDI enables that. It not only helps to increase productivity and efficiency but also improves the project stakeholders to stay in the loop.

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