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How To Resolve QuickBooks Print Error

Printing is something you wouldn’t want to miss when it comes to QuickBooks would you? After all, what would be the point of generating all those bundles of receipts, invoices and documents if you can’t print them for record keeping or mere client-dealing.

 Whenever you encounter such an issue, kindly follow the underlying simple steps:

What we want to accomplish here, is the eradication of the QB Print error. For that, we need to delete ‘QBPRINT.QBP’ so as to rectify this anomaly.

Step 1: Go to the START>SEARCH>All files and folders

 Step 2: Type ‘qbprint.qbp’ in the all or part of the file name section.

QuickBooks print error

Step 3: Select the ‘More Advanced Options’ and check the box where it says ‘Hidden files and folders’.

Step 4: Delete the desired File and then re-launch QuickBooks.

Step 5: Finally re-print the document and you’ll find that all printing issues have been fixed.