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How to Set Permissions for New Users in QuickBooks Company File

Setting permissions for new users in the QuickBooks business file is essential to preserve data security and provide effective access management.

Learn how to set permissions for new users in QuickBooks company file by following the below steps:

  1. Log in as the admin user to the company file.
  2. Navigate to Company > Set Up Users and Passwords > Set Up Users from the menu bar.
  3. Click Add User in the User List dialogue box.
  4. Type in your Username and Password (optional but preferred), then type it in again to confirm.
  5. Click the Explain link if you need to add more licences to your QuickBooks file.
  6. If you forgot to enter your password, choose Yes to create one or No to move on.
  7. Select the option for access and click Next.
  • All Areas – Gives access to all parts of QuickBooks, except for those that demand administrative access.
  • Selected Areas – Gives you the opportunity to decide who has access to each private section of your business file.
  1. Review the authorization settings. Each dialogue box provides information on the access levels, and most of them feature some or all the permission levels listed below:
    a. No Access
    b. Full Access
    c. Selective Access – Includes all or some of these options:
    i. Create transactions only
    ii. Create and print transactions
    iii. Create transactions and create reports

If you are unsure of a permission setting’s restrictions, you can set it to the Create Only option, which offers the highest level of protection. Once logged in as that new user, try to access a location that the employee will work in or a location they shouldn’t be in to see if the permissions provided give you the controls you require. For whatever task you attempt, QuickBooks will let you know what level of permission is required.

Here’re the 2 benefits of setting permissions for new users in QuickBooks company file:

  • Enhanced Data Security: You can restrict access to important financial information and make sure that only authorized users can view, update, or remove data by giving new users particular rights. This helps guard against unwanted access to or improper use of your company’s financial data.
  • Segregation of Duties: Using permission settings in QuickBooks, you can divide duties and responsibilities. You can enforce the separation of roles and lower the risk of fraud and mistakes by giving different people access at various levels. This makes sure that people only have access to the information and features needed for their particular responsibilities.

Setting permissions for new users in a QuickBooks business file gives you overall control over access levels, enhances security, assures data correctness, and helps you comply with regulatory obligations. You are given the authority to handle user roles and responsibilities with efficiency, enhancing the effectiveness and reliability of your financial processes.

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