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How to Manage Ace Server Users from My Portal? 


Today, we’re going to show you how to manage Ace Server users right from your billing portal. No techy talk—just straightforward steps to make user control simple.

From fine-tuning access to keeping things secure, we’ll cover it all. Let’s make your portal the go-to place for easy, efficient Ace Server user management.

What you will learn:

Learn how to manage user access in My Portal by following the below steps: 

Step 1. How to Login to the Billing Portal:
  • Click here to log in to the portal.
  • Enter your Username and Password and then click Proceed.

Login Form

  • Enter the Verification Code received over register Email ID/Phone Number and click Login.

Verification code

Step2. How to View Users:
  • Click Manage Account and then select Users on the top-right corner of the portal.

manage account and user

  • Here you can view the list of users.


Step 3. How to View Active/Disabled Users:
  • Click on Status dropdown.
  • Select Active for active users and Disabled for disabled users.


Step 4. How to Add a User:
  • Click on Add User on the top-right corner.

click on add User

  • Enter the User Information and click Add.

Note: Maintain the complexity of the password.

Add User Information

Step 5. How to Remove/Disable a User:
  • Click on Select an Action against the user you want to remove/disable.
  • Click Remove.


  • Click OK to confirm the removal/disabling of user.

Confirm dialog box

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact Ace Cloud support team today!