Why You Need a Good Cloud Hosting Provider to Host Your Drake Tax Software?

The cloud offers multiple benefits to companies and business owners. They get round-the-clock data access, better data security, easy scalability, reduced expenses, etc. Out of all, software hosting remains one of the most popular cloud offerings.   

Tax professionals also embrace cloud services and host their tax software on the cloud, such as Drake Tax Software. 

However, it is easy to get tormented with finding the right one with so many Drake tax hosting providers. 

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What exactly makes a good cloud hosting provider? They are the medium via which you will access your Drake tax on the cloud. So, it is a must for them to bring quality.   

In this blog, we have compiled several points that will help you understand the importance of a good cloud hosting provider for Drake Tax hosting:  

1. Offer rapid scalability 

Scalability has always been a bottleneck for tax professionals. During the tax season, you require more RAM and storage and must invest in the local IT infrastructure. While it may work for that year, what if you need a more extensive upgrade later? 

Drake tax hosting from a reputed provider offers flexible scalability, allowing you to get the necessary resources. However, not all cloud hosting providers may give you the needed scalability response. Their upgrades may get delayed and impede your organizational operations. A good cloud hosting provider understands your business responsibilities and quickly allocates the necessary resources.   

2. Greater uptime availability  

In a locally-installed Drake software setup, your access is limited to that particular device on which it is installed. This leads to significant downtime issues if the machine breaks down. There are several reasons why a cloud-based solution provides greater uptime availability than its locally-installed version. For example, it is device-independent.  Device independence gives the users the flexibility to access their Drake Tax software using any device such as iPad, laptop, MacBooks, etc.  

However, different cloud hosting providers offer varying uptime availability. For a better end-user experience, a good hosting provider offers at least a 99.99% uptime guarantee.  

3. Expert disaster recovery management  

A disaster recovery solution is a must to recover from unwanted incidents. This is why most tax firms now shift to Drake tax hosting. The data is stored off-premises, providing better protection in such scenarios. However, pay attention to your cloud hosting provider before hosting your Drake Tax software. Different providers offer different plans; some might not suit your business.    

Good hosting providers spread out their data centers to isolated geographies. This way, the data centers store multiple copies of your data. So, if one of them gets damaged, you can still access your tax data.   

4. Quality security features  

Working with sensitive financial data comes with its risks. You must store it safely, or any leniency may result in a data breach. It will also make your valuable clients susceptible to financial fraud and other associated activities. A cloud solution offers better security than locally-based Drake Tax software. However, a good cloud hosting provider plays a significant role.   

A good cloud hosting provider deploys a quality security framework for your data. They have the latest available security tools such as Intrusion Detection and Prevention system, AI network surveillance, TLS 1.3 encryption, and much more. They also offer the latest antivirus and antimalware. This way, your data is thoroughly protected and secured from any illicit access. 

5. Memorable customer assistance  

Hosted Drake Tax software helps you mitigate various locally-installed software liabilities as your data is hosted on the cloud. However, you may still need to contact your hosting provider’s support team from time to time. They are your first point of contact when you experience any issue with your hosting solution. 

A good cloud hosting provider ensures that their customer service is quick and responsive. They should be available via different communication options like phone, email, and chat. Furthermore, they should be available round the clock (even during national holidays), ensuring you don’t miss out on their help when needed.   

6. High-performance servers 

What impacts the performance of your hosted Drake Tax software? The answer is simple, the quality of data centers. The components your service provider deploys while building the data centers influence the overall operational efficiency of your hosted Drake tax software. So, for an ideal experience, choose a cloud hosting provider that uses top-rated hardware components for building their data centers.  

A good hosting provider uses High-Performance Computing (HPC) servers to enhance your overall experience. It gives you a lag-free Drake tax hosting experience. You can easily integrate additional add-ons such as QuickBooks or process large datasets without facing any system latency.  

Is It Easy to Migrate to Drake Tax Hosting? 

Drake Tax hosting should be your go to option in 2022. Choose a good hosting provider and your migration will be easy and hassle free.  

Ace Cloud Hosting offers 99.99% uptime with round-the-clock support availability. Our experts ensure smooth data migration and take care of everything from the start till the deployment. Wish to get a FREE 10-day trial of our services? Click the chat button below.

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