[Infographic] Why Host QuickBooks On Cloud?

Cloud computing is one of the trending buzzwords across the globe that has its impact on almost every sphere of business. The accounting industry is no different. CPAs need the best-in-class accounting software to work for their clients, one of which is QuickBooks.

When backed by cloud technology, this renowned accounting software becomes much more powerful to cater to the accounting and bookkeeping processes.

If you are also an accountant or the owner of a CPA firm, you must be using QuickBooks to support your business. But if you haven’t yet decided to choose QuickBooks cloud hosting, have a look at this infographic –

[Infographic] Why Host QuickBooks On Cloud?

Let’s talk about the benefits of QuickBooks hosting in detail.

1. Easy Collaboration with Your Team Remotely

Having QuickBooks software installed in your office computers prevents you and your team from working on it when not in the office. But with QuickBooks hosting, it becomes much easier for you to collaborate with your team members as it gives you the ability to work remotely.

All the team members do not need to be in the office to work upon the QuickBooks files. Cloud-hosted QuickBooks and its data can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.

2. Advanced Security and Automated Backup

Loss of client-related data can be fatal for your business. However, you can prevent this risk of data loss with the help of the cloud. Cloud-hosted QuickBooks is highly safe and secure. This is because security features like firewalls, data encryption, multi-factor authentication, etc. safeguard the application and data on the cloud. So, you need not worry about the loss of data at all.

QuickBooks hosting comes with the additional benefit of automated backup. Your data on the cloud gets backed up regularly at multiple locations and can be recovered even in case of disruptive events like an earthquake, storm, etc.

3. Accessibility Control and Privacy

Unauthorized access to the business-related data can cause harm to your accounting business. To prevent it from occurring, opting for QuickBooks on cloud can help you a lot. You can set user roles and permissions in such a way that only the authorized users are allowed to access the data saved on the cloud.

4. All Device Compatibility and Maximum Uptime

To your accounting business, you do not want any technical interruption to occur at any point in time. The best way to ensure that is to host QuickBooks in the cloud environment. Renowned cloud hosting providers ensure uptime of 99.99%.

Plus, you will get the freedom to access QuickBooks using a smart device of your choice, be it a PC, smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

5. Easy Integration of Third-Party Add-ons

To enhance work productivity, you may also need third-party add-ons like Office Suite, CRM, etc. to be integrated with QuickBooks. With the help of a reputable cloud service provider, seamless integration of any number of required add-ons is possible on the cloud.

6. Money Savings

By choosing QuickBooks hosting services, you won’t need to invest in maintaining in-house IT infrastructure, like servers, local systems, etc. as well as a support team. In case you need any assistance related to accessing QuickBooks on the cloud, you will get round-the-clock customer support as offered by the chosen hosting provider.

All of it will help you save money in the long run.

Do you have any questions about how QuickBooks Desktop works on cloud? See the live demo or connect with our Solutions Consultant at +1-855-223-4887.

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