Why Drake Software on Cloud Makes Sense?

Drake is a simple-to-use tax management software that allows professionals to file taxes accurately and quickly. It offers features such as automated data flow, multi-state returns, etc., allowing you to streamline workflow and boost productivity.

Working with Drake in a local setup can be challenging despite being so handy. For example, you must always be at your desk to prepare and file taxes. Other limitations include difficulty to scale, constant IT maintenance, etc.

As a tax professional, you can easily bypass these limitations by hosting Drake tax software on the cloud. With Drake hosting, you will enjoy remote accessibility, improved team collaboration, enterprise-grade data security, and more.

In this blog, we will explore why you should host Drake software on the cloud to increase your productivity and efficiency during tax season a notch higher.

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Benefits of Drake Tax Software on Cloud

File taxes anywhere and anytime

Drake tax software hosting lets tax professionals work anytime, anywhere, and with any preferred device.

All you need is a stable and fast internet connection to work on Drake without any lag in performance.

You don’t have to be in the office to access your files and data. The best part is that Drake hosts all your critical financial data and stores it securely.

As an admin, you can provide role-based access to your team. This way, all team members can access their files securely without hampering their work.

Bank-level security features

After migrating your Drake tax software to cloud, you get bank-level data security features such as:

  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  • Antivirus
  • Anti-malware
  • Physically secured data centers
  • TLS 1.3-based Data Encryption System

To provide a completely secure cloud solution, cloud hosting providers offer Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) No. 16 compliant data center services.

Furthermore, with firewalls, SSH keys, and other security software, Drake Cloud providers ensure your data is safe and secure.

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Easy collaboration with multiple users

Imagine a scenario where a few of your team members work on the same file but are in different locations.

For this, they have to repeatedly exchange tax forms over email, increasing the possibility of errors and file duplication.

Over time, it also adds to the storage space and eventually clogs down your system performance.

However, Drake tax software on the cloud makes it easier for everyone to simultaneously work on the same file.

All your tax-related files are stored securely on remote servers. You can provide role-based file access to your team members.

As an admin, you can access all the files and data. So, your tax firm can work collaboratively without wasting time on non-trivial tasks.

Seamless scalability

Let’s think of another scenario now. It’s tax season, and you are experiencing a sudden surge in demand. Now, you have to file more tax returns.

You need more computing power (RAM) and storage to file more returns during the hectic tax season.

For on-premises solutions, you must buy hardware and hire IT professionals.

Hiring IT professionals and setting up the hardware is time-consuming and increases the operational costs for your tax firm.

On the other hand, you can avoid these additional hefty expenses by moving your Drake tax software to the cloud.

Whenever you need more storage space or computing power, connect with your Drake hosting provider and share your requirements.

Your cloud hosting provider will then seamlessly scale your resources so that you can swiftly file taxes for your clients.

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Backup and disaster recovery

COVID-19 has taught tax firm owners to always be prepared for unfortunate events. To continue serving your clients, you need automatic data backup and recovery in any scenario.

In the case of on-premises Drake setup, your IT team must deploy costly backup solutions to ensure business continuity. Also, you must hire and manage a cybersecurity team to safeguard critical financial data from unauthorized access.

With Drake cloud hosting, you can eliminate both of these problems. A reputed cloud hosting provider offers automatic data backups with bank-level data security on multiple locations.

Thus, it allows you to recover data in case of any unfortunate event, be it a natural disaster or cyber-attack such as ransomware.

Cloud enforces privacy

With your cloud-hosted Drake tax software, the administrator can decide the accessibility of files or data.

Since the cloud provides authorization levels, users can be given their specific levels.

Only the admin can modify these access roles. Most importantly, the cloud ensures that no users have unauthorized access to files.

Automatic software updates for all users

In a local-hosted Drake software setup, chances are that your team members are using different software versions. Due to this, your team may need help with compatibility issues while working.

Keeping Drake tax software updated for all users is a tedious and time-consuming task.

With Drake on the cloud, all your team members can seamlessly be updated with the latest version without downtime. Your cloud hosting provider will keep the Drake tax software updated on the remote servers.

Above all, your team keeps leveraging the latest features of Drake without waiting for your IT team to update all the systems in your tax firm manually.

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Get That Competitive Advantage with Drake Tax Software on Cloud

Do you want to get a competitive edge with an easy step?

Moving your Drake tax software to cloud is one such step. With remote access, you can file your client’s taxes anywhere and anytime, improving client retention and lifetime customer value.

Drake tax software on cloud allows tax firms to act faster than most established players in the market.

As cloud providers take care of the technical side of things, you can focus on other vital areas of business.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Drake cloud hosting?

In this setup, you partner with a 3rd party cloud hosting provider to host Drake tax software on dedicated servers. You then reap the benefits of cloud technology while securely working on your client taxes from anywhere and anytime.

Why you should use Drake cloud hosting?

With Drake cloud hosting, you get numerous benefits like bank-level security, remote accessibility, seamless scalability, and many other benefits discussed in this blog.

How to choose the right Drake tax software hosting provider?

Do comprehensive research before choosing the right Drake hosting partner for your business. Make a list and compare several features, additional offerings, pricing plans, and other critical factors of each provider. Also, check out the online reviews on trusted platforms like Gartner, G2, etc., to make an informed decision.

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