Why Choose CPAs as Your Business Advisor?

The intense depth and breadth of knowledge in CPAs (Certified Public Accountants) make them a best fit for businesses which need specialized advice related to finances and taxes. Expert advice by CPAs can help them to save time and money. Right from managing company’s annual accounts to filing the correct tax returns using accounting applications, CPAs offer much more required financial assistance to run businesses smoothly.

Why Choose CPAs as Your Business Advisor


The depth and breadth of CPAs knowledge comprises business evaluation, business consulting, employee benefits, estate planning, human resources services and computer consulting. CPAs go through stringent licensing requirements which prepare them to meet the varied challenging business requirements and enable them to deliver solutions to day-to-day problems.

The expert technical advice by CPAs comprises reviewing and making recommendations to enhance internal administrative and accounting on an ongoing basis, formulate cash flow statements and projections that reflect how the loans will be re-paid, help businesses secure their accounts and enable businesses to make informed decisions. The most likely reasons that businesses financial decisions rely on CPAs are;

  • Great deal of competence in CPAs.
  • Ability to remain unbiased and restrict emotions from affecting decisions.
  • A strong hold of fiduciary responsibility – implying that client affairs are treated as their own.
  • Ability to construct well-developed network of referrals and contacts.

The technical assistance and business advice by CPAs is of utmost importance. The rigorous examinations and training prepare them for the dynamic changes in the business environment.

Tax Advice:

Extensive knowledge of CPAs in tax matters enable them to solve problems related to tax compliance. It helps business owners to carve out the best among the feasible provisions and options. CPAs are capable enough to prepare business income tax returns, as well as payroll, sales and franchise tax returns.

Financial and Tax Planning:

Certified Public Accountants portray an equally critical part as tax and financial planners. They possess capabilities to provide advice on tax implications of planned and expected transactions, deliver assistance in overall financial planning. CPAs assist business owners to understand how transfers of ownership, modifications in acquisitions and mergers, inventory procedures can influence tax and business decisions.

Personal Financial Planning Advice:

After analyzing the overall financial situation, CPAs help businesses to make the appropriate and well-planned financial decisions. They also assist them in prepare plans for retirement and estate plans, assist them in insurance planning, risk management and develop investment philosophy.

CPAs can be a trusted source of information and prove to be an excellent source of information when a business is unsure of the path to follow or when it needs services that have not been used previously.

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  • Paul says:

    It is necessary for CPAs to attend a number of education courses and tax updates regularly. This enables them to be aware and proficient in market updates. They also frequently interact with fellow professionals thus are always exchanging tax saving ideas and client specific information.

  • Rony says:

    One of the biggest advantages of having a CPA is that are eligible to represent you before the IRS unlike regular accountants. This makes having a CPA much more responsible than the accountants. Moreover, accountants only do the routine work and complete tax returns while CPAs analyze the work as well allowing them to help you make high level business and tax decisions.

  • Luis says:

    CPAs are more familiar with tax laws than regular accountants. Having knowledge of the tax code is a main part of the CPA licensing exam. A CPA provides a certificate of assurance that accountants cannot. A person who is not a CPA is considered an ‘unenrolled preparer’ which prevents them from appearing before the IRS in lieu of their clients. Having a CPA represent your business adds a much needed layer of credibility.

  • Calvin says:

    CPAs not only have the companies but their own reputations in mind when working. So they are much more likely to make sure that all the reports, audits and documents are well kept and maintained unlike an accountant who only has his professional worth to maintain. A CPAs license may be revoked if he is found to be incompetent and negligible in his work making him a much more dedicated worker to ensure all irregularities are overcome.

    • Casacastoviedo says:

      Okay, you’ve convinced me. I diienftely need a bookkeeper. Feeling ready for April 15 would be the best feeling of my life. My receipts are a mess, and I don’t think filing them is going to solve the problem ~ although I know it is step one, thanks!

  • Smith says:

    CPAs have a lot of experience and knowledge as well as a certificate to prove it. Using their services not only provides a well-organized documentation of all the financial aspects of your organization but the most important help they give to you is their insight into the working of the tax structure. As they are always updated on all the tax reforms and know most of the shortcuts, their help is invaluable. What they cost in their own fees, they more than make up for by saving the company money on taxes and wrong financial decisions.

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