What is a Digital Workspace?

A digital workspace is a technology framework that delivers and monitors the components of a business’s IT assets, including apps and desktops. Thus, it creates a unified and secure platform to give access to resources from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. It enables the workforce to access information stored on premises or in a cloud environment.

Digital workspace solutions drive employees’ experience by centralizing all digital resources in the cloud and offering a remote experience to users on any end-user client device, be it company laptops or BYOD. Moreover, it provides a familiar interface on various platforms with:

This helps teams in collaborating and automating multiple tasks.

Topics covered in this blog: 

  • What are the Benefits of a Digital Workspace? 
  • What Are the Use Cases of a Digital Workspace?
  • Digital Workspace Vs. Digital Workplace
  • ACE Digital Workspace Solutions 

What are the Benefits of a Digital Workspace? 

Digital workspace cloud solutions can benefit today’s workplaces in several key areas: 

Add a whole new dimension to your digital work experience with our virtual desktop solutions. 

Add a whole new dimension to your digital work experience with our virtual desktop solutions


digital workspace

1. Offers Better Customer and Employee Experience: 

Digital workspace delivers a more flexible cloud environment to employees that retain workforce productivity. 

Studies say ‘Performance increases up to 13 percent by working from home.’  

Employees are now working from any location; it has become critical to give them technology that can help them perform efficiently without delay regardless of devices, location, or the time. Better employee experience drives promising customer experience; therefore, digital workspace lays a footprint of a good client experience by offering all the tools and resources needed to solve customer issues in one go. 

See how Digital Workspace Solutions impact the future of businesses. 

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2. Gives You Enhanced Security and Protection:

The battle between remote access and data security continues to haunt business continuity in most businesses. Since businesses can’t rely only on the ‘work from office’ routine, they need a comprehensive view of all IT data while maintaining security. The digital workspace solutions for businesses offer robust security to safeguard data from breaches, malware, and cyber-attacks by keeping them under stringent security protocols. In addition, digital workspace solution security helps firms stay ahead of threats with SSO, MFA, BCDR service, Distributed Firewall, and more.   

Furthermore, the security levels increase with role-based access controls and location tracking, as it imparts visibility of user log-ins and helps to spot potential hazards and remediate them before damage is done, whether it is driven by hackers or users’ error. 

Learn more about how we ensure your data is in a secure cloud environment. Read the guide.  

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3. Be Technology Agnostic to Work from Anywhere 

A Digital workspace can centralize the IT process by creating a single unified control to give access to any app, mobile, web, or virtual. Digital workspace enhances the ability to adopt new technologies on-premises, on the cloud, or at the edge without fear of compromising either user experience or enterprise security. 

What Are the Use Cases of a Digital Workspace? 

Hybrid And Remote Workers 

Work from home is here to stay, and not just because of the pandemic. It has been proven to increase job satisfaction and productivity among employees. This is because they can still do their job without commuting to an office, saving time and money. Digital workspace also gives them more flexibility with their schedule to cope with business dynamics and fulfill responsibilities that require time outside the office. 

A digital workspace simplifies access to legacy business apps to Windows cloud apps like Microsoft Office apps, which requires implementation of business policies to access the data. For instance, Virtual desktops can be a blessing to the healthcare industry. Doctors are always on the run. They need secure access for the workforce to operate both ways, at home or in the hospitals, to have all patient data, be it reports, medications records or prescriptions. Digital workspace enhances data access and security in the healthcare Industry.  

Or professionals who travel to foreign destinations to visit clients, like lawyers who work primarily from the court or client’s office, need to be ready for risk-appropriate situations as they have a lot of sensitive information to access instantly? Digital workspace solutions can help out by creating a cloud environment to ensure that this doesn’t compromise critical applications security with HIPAA, GDPR, and more protocols. 

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Knowledge Workers 

Strategy is a critical aspect of a business. The primary task of knowledge workers is to think for a living, which means they create strategies for their team and brand. Therefore, they have a piece of top-secret information that should only be accessible by a required section and not others. A Digital workspace isolates the data by making it accessible only by specific teams. 

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Contract Employees 

A firm with changing business needs generally relies on contract workers to meet short-term project needs. Seamless, contract-based workers need a secure way to get work done regardless of location. As a result, digital workspace cloud solutions offer frictionless experience with enterprise-grade security. Moreover, it eliminates the need to allocate endpoint devices to remote contract-based workers as digital workspace integrates with existing systems. 

Modernizing IT Security 

While maintaining cybersecurity has never been easy for businesses, especially regarding regulatory protection, digital workspace solutions come with efficient security policies that offer an easier way to authorize access to financial data, legal information, or corporate-owned devices. Thanks to the cloud, it eliminates the need for VPNs and doesn’t rely on endpoints or distance and secures information, no matter what. 

Digital workspace allows only authorized users access to information while ensuring that all data is encrypted end-to-end, whether intended or incidental. Thus, employees can use digital workspace as a ‘soundproof room’ where discussion and file-sharing tasks in the cloud only stay there, eliminating the risk of unauthorized data transmission. 

Digital Workspace Vs. Digital Workplace 

Today’s work environment has given birth to a new way of working. Whether the concern relates to employee collaboration or efficiency, business continuity is always a priority. No matter the business size, sector, or industry, having instant access without boundaries improves employee productivity. Digital workspace and digital workplace are generally confused for the similar technology framework, but their meaning is far different. A digital workspace is a cloud environment that has corporate apps and desktops for a particular employee. In contrast, a digital workplace is a virtual space where a team of employees can connect and collaborate. Basically, it is a unified platform for the entire team to coordinate.  

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Here are a few significant differences between a digital workspace and a digital workplace: 

A digital workplace is consistent, while a digital workspace is dynamic.  

Digital Workspace  Digital Workplace 
It creates a cloud environment within the digital workplace.  It creates a common virtual environment for the whole organization. 
It acts as a workstation with authorized access for only a few departments.  It acts like an entire office where employees can work and collaborate.  
Digital workspace can be tailored as per user-based roles, departments, or business needs.  A digital workplace remains the same for all. 
Digital workspace functions according to the digital workplace.  A digital workplace impacts the role and nature of individual digital workspaces. 


The digital workplace is generally a consistent environment where employees can virtually collaborate and access workspace within the workplace. On the other hand, a digital workspace is a dynamic space allowing users to manage tasks and have required applications. However, digital workspace and digital workplace both foster a vibrant corporate culture and ensure that the employees remain productive from anywhere. A digital workspace is a critical part of the digital workplace. In simple terms, a digital workspace is a place where the work is done within a digital workplace.  

The digital workplace trumps the individual workspaces in so far as employees collaborate, perform and work. This includes process implications, work culture, productivity, and more. 

ACE Delivering Unified Virtual Desktops and Applications on Secure Platform for Flexible Workforce  

Building a digital workspace for today’s fast-paced work economy is more than just a trend. It has become necessary to create an engaging workspace environment to enhance user experience in remote work. 

Cloud digital workspace solutions with ACE virtual desktops and applications help create consistent remote work experience. You get a managed digital workspace that you can access anywhere, anytime to ensure a productive workforce. It integrates with different technologies, so employees can use it on Windows, iOS, or any other platform. Supported by hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), the digital workspace eliminates the front head costs, including expensive servers, bulky hardware, and more. It is multi-cloud ready and allows you to leverage the benefits of both private and public cloud.  

Connect with our experts to know how you can empower your hybrid workforce with secure and flexible digital workspace solutions.

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