Top 8 Reasons Law Firms Go for Managed VDI (And How it Solves their Problems)

Remember a decade ago, what was cloud for you?

Have you ever expected to move all your work resources to the cloud?

Did you know that the internet-based cloud server could offer you data access anywhere and anytime? Indeed, it was challenging to think about moving to a cloud network for daily operations.

CXO Growth survey by Forbes anticipated that 75% of CxOs plan to “double-down” on technology by investing in cloud tools that enhance collaboration and strengthen cybersecurity strategies.

Due to the pandemic in 2020, when every business just dozed off to remote working, including Law firms, coping was a hassle earlier—searching for instant connectivity and remote access options to data. Now, thanks to one technology, virtual desktop infrastructure, the law industry has found a way to share the data securely and enhance access controls. Also, the law firms have moved towards the next level of collaboration to work remotely.

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), as the name suggests, creates a cloud-based working environment for the firms. You get virtual desktops to access anywhere with an internet connection. Also, you get next-level security, collaboration, full-time accessibility to legal resources, and more

In this blog, we will discuss an overview of VDI for law firms.


Why Do Law Firms Need Virtual Desktops?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is designed for the modern workforce who work flexibly at any hour of the day. As a lawyer, you can understand how your work occurs outside your office premises, generally at your client’s location, home, or court. However, when you need to access all the client’s documents securely, location shouldn’t be a barrier.

Managed VDI is one method of using multiple end-points in the virtual workspace to provide a consistent experience from anywhere. No matter whether you need to work on cases, communicate with a client or create documents online, you can perform all the actions anywhere.

1. With Virtual Desktops, Streamline Legal Operations Remotely

As prioritizing legal metrics is always on the radar for you as an advocate, Virtual desktop solutions can support you to have an efficient workplace with better work processes.

With Citrix Managed Desktop, a legal corporation can get cloud-hosted virtual desktops accessible via a browser, client, or mobile. Once your employees log into the virtual desktop, they can access anything just like they can do in the office- applications, client files, reports, digital signatures, it’s all in the cloud.

Virtualization has brought a lot of flexibility to the legal industry—while not new—  certainly fits into the solution that creates an agile business environment.

2. Helps to Have Secure Client-Centered Communications

Virtual desktops offer secure client communication across devices. Firstly, you can have secure data access to protect it from cyberattacks. Secondly, when the client sends you any sensitive information via mail or web portal, VDI keeps it encrypted and secured.

By hosting it on the cloud, all your law firms’ confidential data and client communication are free of phishing risks. With virtual desktops, you no longer need to worry about your data. The VDI provider ensures that your communications and data are safe from potential cyber-attacks with the help of the following high-end security measures:

VDI security

The security in client communication makes it safer to communicate sensitive matters even in a difficult situation.

3. With Virtual Desktop Solution, Comes the Remote Access to Client Data

Over the last two years, law firms have been looking for ways to have complete control over client information. It’s apparent how lawyers expect to work collaboratively with clients to build valid arguments. Suppose you need to share urgent reports with a client when away from the court; deploying a virtual workspace makes it easy.

For law offices with a VDI setup, client data is secured with specific regulations to follow. Thus, VDI gives you more power over data control. There are no chances of falling victim to data theft or malware in this case. It enables you to access any information about potential new clients while maintaining data integrity through centralization.

5. Improves the Lawyer’s Productivity

The expansion of virtual desktop services has opened up an opportunity gate for small business enterprises (SMBs), including law firms, to take advantage of. When employees are not tied to their office desks, they can grow, not just in terms of flexibility, but in productivity, too.

Lawyers have become more efficient with the appropriate management of end-user devices. VDI storage doesn’t rely on the device but on a virtual server. It avoids the disruption driven by poor device performance, resulting in better outcomes.

6. Hardware Expenses are Eliminated

In addition to enhancing employee productivity, managed VDI comes with the added advantage of cost savings. With VDI deployed systems, you can significantly reduce the expenses of maintaining and upgrading the hardware.

Firstly, when staff operate their own desktops or implement a BYOD (Bring your own device) policy, law firms can avoid spending resources to buy expensive equipment they need while working remotely.

Secondly, if the hardware isn’t updated to expand your work performance, it’s not your job to upgrade it and spend a lot. The virtual infrastructure has cloud applications that keep pace with your requirements for strengthened productivity.

7. Get a Comprehensive Disaster Recovery for Legal Data

Traditional desktops are pretty restrictive as users’ data is connected to a single system. So, whenever a device doesn’t perform well, or any other situation arises where you could lose your data, cloud-hosted desktop providers backup your data.

At the same time, your data is encrypted and secure on on-premise servers in VDI for law firms. Furthermore, if you deploy managed VDI from Ace Cloud Hosting, your data security and backup are in the right hands.

VDI Collaboration

8. Lawyers Get Enhanced Flexibility to Work Efficiently

Virtual servers associated with VDI bring an extensive level of flexibility to a lawyer. Let’s take a situation when you need to share an urgent case file with your colleague outside the office or during working hours; what would you do?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure eliminates the need to be restricted to regular hours. There is no need for virtual private networks (VPNs) to collaborate on cases, interfaces, and records. So, to make a switch to a cloud-based virtual desktop from any location—no VPN mandated. You can deploy virtual desktops on any device with a few authentication measures.

With a virtualized desktop, your client information is stored in a central location, eliminating the shortage of device storage.

How does Managed VDI Overcome the Struggles of Law firms?

With the increase in demand for desktop virtualization, the market value of managed VDI solutions is on the rise. The cloud-VDI market, valued at $11.7 billion in 2020, is expected to reach $30 Million by the end of 2026. The survey says almost every industry is enforcing cloud, but it’s still a different story for law firms.

In the legal industry, moving to cloud desktops is a strategic move. Why?

In 2020, when the use of virtual desktop applications took a surge due to pandemics, law firms stayed away from deploying it. The primary reason behind staying back is the fear of losing ethical information stored in third-party servers. This includes all documents or sensitive files, keeping security in mind. Thus, they have shifted towards virtual solutions. But as we know lawyers and advocates are always short of time, it can get quite exhausting to manage in-house servers.

On-premise VDI technology requires a highly specialized workforce. It puts a strain on the small IT teams, especially in law firms where most of the staff consists of legal officials. With managed VDI for law firms, you can reduce IT bottlenecks as third-party cloud service providers manage the hosted desktops. So, you don’t need to set up on-premise servers and machines to handle them.

Find A Flexible Solution for Your Law Firm

Do you really need VDI for your law firm? As a legal entrepreneur, you probably know how a remote infrastructure that is secure and flexible can help you maintain business continuity.

Virtual desktop infrastructure delivers you highly secure desktops and applications without the hassle of maintaining them on your premises. Know how VDI can prove to be a game-changer technology for your law firm; chat with our experts.

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