What Can QuickBooks Pro Do?

QuickBooks Pro, offered by Intuit, Inc., is an optimum accounting solution for small to medium-sized businesses. It is an entry-level application that can enhance your accounting experience with its tons of features.

What Can QuickBooks Pro Do?QuickBooks Pro boasts user-friendly and easy navigation so that even if you are not from an accounting background, you can handle the finances with ease. It comes in two variants: QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Pro Plus to help plan, forecast, and budget bookkeeping and other financial tasks.

Here are some of the most helpful features of QuickBooks Pro that give an insight into what it can do for your business:

1. Creating Reports

QuickBooks Pro comes with an in-built reporting tool to keep track of the cash flow, invoices, payrolls, and more. There are more than 100 customizable financial, sales, and tax reports that can help make better business decisions.

You can hide columns and apply filters to see the required jobs and classes. Furthermore, these reports can be exported to an Excel sheet for better accessibility.

You can generate, schedule, and edit reports all in one place. Multiple reports and invoices can be emailed in a batch at a time to the clients.

2. Tracking Inventory

QuickBooks Pro allows you to set-up and monitor the inventory at different levels. You can quickly adjust the inventory in case of any loss, theft, or shrinkage. It helps to know the status and requirements of each product to keep the business going.

You can track the availability of products, changes in prices of goods, billable hours of employees, and more.

3. Smart Search

QuickBooks Pro enables faster search options by automatic field filling. There is no need to memorize account numbers or other client details in order to locate it in the whole chart.

In the latest version i.e., QuickBooks Pro 2020, you get enhanced search help through the guides and live experts via customer care helplines and emails by simply pressing “F1.”

4. Managing Bills

With QuickBooks Pro, you can easily keep track of purchases, deposits, and accounts payables. You can view the dues and pay online by integrating the application with credit cards and/or bank transfers.

You can accept payments directly through invoices created and get real-time updates of the billing status.

5. Concurrent Users

QuickBooks Pro can accommodate up to 3 user licenses simultaneously. It ensures that you and your teammates can work on a single file at the same time, further improving productivity.

You can also set user permissions to these licenses to protect the privacy of information. QuickBooks Pro can manage up to 14,500 items in its files.

To Sum It Up

Intuit offers 24/7 support to its QuickBooks Pro clients along with 60 days money-back guarantee.

The points mentioned above are a few of the significant features offered by the QuickBooks Pro accounting software. For more functionality, you can also integrate Quickbooks Pro with various third-party add-ons like SmartVault, Drake Software, Bill.com, QuickBooks Time, SmartScanLabelLinkTrueCommerce, and many more.

To buy QuickBooks Pro or to know more about it, contact our Solutions Consultant at 855-321-6576.

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