What Are the Benefits of QuickBooks Premier Hosting Services?

Are you a QuickBooks user? If yes, you might already know about all the versions of the accounting application designed with robust and unique features. One of the QB versions, QuickBooks Premier, is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. It allows you to keep a better track of your purchases, and enables you to create purchase orders quickly. Furthermore, the accounting application helps you generate industry-specific reports and forecasts based on historical data. However, if your expectations exceed these functionalities, QuickBooks Premier hosting service is all you need. Many businesses are switching to cloud-hosted QB Premier services to transform how they handle their business accounting process. 

Cloud-hosted QB Premier services enable the conduct of a business in the most optimized way. Besides, the hosted solution streamlines all accounting-related workflows effectively. Read on to explore how! 

QuickBooks Premier HostingWhat is QuickBooks Premier Hosting Service? 

Hosting QB Premier means migrating your licensed QB Premier desktop application and data onto a cloud server of the hosting provider. It means you can access all your QB Premier data and the application remotely without installing the software on your local device. With hosted QuickBooks Premier desktop, you can access the application with or without add-ons from across the world anytime via a compatible internet-enabled device. 

In addition to the above, QuickBooks Premier hosting service allows you to access the application and your data using high-performance computing resources. Moreover, you can easily collaborate with your team members and ensure improved work efficiency. Some more advantages of a hosted QuickBooks Premier desktop include: 

  • Multi-level data protection features 
  • Round-the-clock network monitoring 
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention System 
  • Restricted server access to authorized users 

Benefits of QuickBooks Premier Hosting Service 

1. Round-the-Clock IT Support 

One of the most useful benefits of QuickBooks Premier hosting service is that you get 24×7 IT support. Leading cloud hosting providers are equipped with qualified professionals who provide round-the-clock assistance to their customers. You can contact them via various means such as phone, chat, email, etc. However, before choosing a hosting provider, ask about the average resolution time and the various means of contacting the customer support department. 

QuickBooks Premier HostingHaving round-the-clock IT support also means you don’t need to hire in-house IT professionals to maintain the server upkeep and resolve any technical glitches. 

2. Anywhere Anytime Access 

Hosted QuickBooks Premier facilitates you with remote accessibility to all your QB Premier data and the application. With QuickBooks premier remote access, you can use your preferred devices like smartphone or a tablet to simplify accounting processes. It is especially useful for businesses who can’t miss out on assisting their clients at any time of the day. For instance, your client needs to know the financial status of their business while you are on vacation. In such cases, you can use your smart device, log into your QB Premier account with the required login credentials, access your client’s data, and assist them quickly. You don’t need to be in the office to access the data and the application. 

3. Easy Collaboration 

Collaboration among team members is crucial for any business, and QuickBooks Premier hosting service allows you to do it quickly. In traditional, locally-installed QB Premier solution requires you to send the same file back and forth via email. In some cases, you need to maintain separate versions of the same file, which often creates confusion, increasing the chances of errors. 

QuickBooks Premier HostingWith hosted QuickBooks Premier desktop, all authorized users from different geographical regions can access the accounting data simultaneously. Anyone making changes to the data is visible in real-time, enabling everyone in a team to collaborate efficiently. The real-time visibility of the information further helps everyone to stay up-to-date, even when one or multiple team members are offline at a given time. 

4. High Data Security 

With rising data breach incidents, security has become a concern for many businesses. Irrespective of the size and industry, online accounting practices are often the most targeted domain. Besides, cybersecurity breaches caused by human error are also on the rise. According to the World Economic Forum, 95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error. 

Hosted QuickBooks Premier desktop solution allows you to give role-based access control to authorized users. For example, you need to give your accountant access to bank statements, company invoices, etc. On the other hand, you need to provide the CFO with access to sensitive financial data. In such cases, role-based access can ensure data security without requiring anyone to have security systems or expertise.  

5. Cost-Effective 

Having separate servers for hosting QB Premier on-premise includes setup expenses, maintenance charges, and associated costs. As a result, the overall expenditure goes significantly high, making investing in other critical aspects of your business challenging. 

You can minimize expenses and have a seamless cloud hosting experience using QuickBooks Premier hosting service. When you choose a reliable hosting provider to host the accounting application on their remote servers, you don’t need to invest in an in-house IT infrastructure setup. It means you don’t require a dedicated space for setting up the servers, nor do you need to rent space for office purposes. You can ask your employees to use their preferred devices and work from anywhere, anytime. 

In addition to the above, you get round-the-clock IT support for all your cloud-hosted QuickBooks Premier-related queries at no additional cost. You don’t need in-house IT professionals to look after the IT infrastructure. Such features give you an excellent opportunity to save a lot of money for your business. 

Final Thoughts 

Accounting has undeniably become easier with the cloud-hosted QuickBooks Premier solution. Features like remote access, high data security, easy collaboration, etc., can bring promising results for your accounting-related workflow. 

At Ace Cloud Hosting, we offer the highest level of cloud hosting services for all the versions of QuickBooks. Here we closely work with the clients, understand their unique requirements, and address them with tailor-made hosting solutions to fulfill those expectations. 

If you want to know more about our services or have queries related to QuickBooks Premier hosting service, contact us @ +1-855-363-0916. Alternatively, you can also drop an email to [email protected]. 

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